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Hands Hero Raffle: Everything You Need T...

Wednesday, 3rd Aug 22

The Hands Hero Challenge is Back!

Monday, 25th Jul 22

We Have Been Granted Charity Status In T...

Tuesday, 28th Jun 22

5 ways to fundraise for Hands this Janua...

Thursday, 6th Jan 22

A New Generation

Wednesday, 22nd Dec 21

Every child deserves to be alive

Friday, 12th Nov 21

A Family Reunited

Tuesday, 28th Sep 21

EasyCompare Shows Incredible Generosity ...

Friday, 9th Jul 21

Don’t lose sight of the vision

Sunday, 6th Jun 21

The World of Technology

Tuesday, 1st Jun 21

Learning From The Monks At Kongka Pimuk ...

Thursday, 6th May 21

Hands Hero Challenge Ideas

Wednesday, 21st Apr 21

A Casualty of Covid

Thursday, 1st Apr 21

Mission Complete: Tong-Sai Is Returned T...

Thursday, 11th Mar 21

Lessons of gratitude from the slums

Friday, 26th Feb 21

Donate On Your Next Birthday

Monday, 8th Feb 21

Our homes approach to sustainable income...

Tuesday, 2nd Feb 21

Hands Providing Kids With a Second Chanc...

Tuesday, 22nd Dec 20

There's value in looking backwards

Friday, 2nd Oct 20

Hands Across the Water turns 15

Tuesday, 1st Sep 20

Unite your team and make an impact

Monday, 31st Aug 20

Ride to Provide Virtual Challenge

Wednesday, 15th Jul 20

Keeping the Kids Busy with Focused Activ...

Thursday, 11th Jun 20

Fundraising During Covid-19

Thursday, 21st May 20

Hands launches virtual bike ride to save...

Friday, 15th May 20

Hands Designs stays nimble during Covid-...

Wednesday, 6th May 20

A strong bond from a shared experience

Wednesday, 1st Apr 20

When your legs get tired, ride with your...

Wednesday, 1st Apr 20

How one small ‘yes’ can enable women...

Saturday, 7th Mar 20

Sustainable farming at Baan Tharn Namcha...

Friday, 6th Mar 20

What the charity sector can learn from t...

Monday, 10th Feb 20

A glimpse into the Hands English Program

Thursday, 12th Dec 19

Boxing Day Tsunami: 15 Years On

Wednesday, 11th Dec 19

Early Learning Centre

Friday, 6th Dec 19

Turning CSR into a Profit Centre

Tuesday, 8th Oct 19

Never Stop Learning

Thursday, 29th Aug 19

Top 5 Reasons To Get On Your Bike

Tuesday, 27th Aug 19

Gammy set up for a bright future

Sunday, 14th Jul 19

5 Key Leadership Guiding Principles

Monday, 8th Jul 19

Creating a Life of Choice

Wednesday, 29th May 19

Hands Designs Change

Tuesday, 26th Mar 19

The Value of Shared Experiences for Orga...

Tuesday, 26th Mar 19

Leading from the Rear

Wednesday, 20th Mar 19

Hands Across The Water wins Internationa...

Monday, 23rd Apr 18

What I learnt from a 13-year-old

Friday, 23rd Feb 18

Changing Lives: My Journey with Hands

Thursday, 8th Feb 18

Trekking for the kids was food for my so...

Wednesday, 31st Jan 18

How Hands Stole My Heart

Friday, 5th Jan 18

In Memory of Khun Rotjana

Friday, 5th Jan 18