Keeping the Kids Busy with Focused Activities

11 Jun 2020

As any family could imagine, even having two kids in one home can cause quarrels, competition and anger towards each other at times. It's a natural developmental process for kids as they grow and mature and figure out who they are in the world. On top of this, a lot of our kids have experienced significant emotional and physical trauma in their short lives which can bring about developmental delays and mental health issues.

To combat this, and to use up the bounds of energy the kids have, the team at Baan Home Hug make sure to keep the kids busy with activities which not only gets them working together, but stimulates their creativity and focus. Activities like making a clay sculpture or harvesting a crop in the agriculture plot also give the kids a great sense of accomplishment for what they have created, not to mention teaching them important life skills.

Clay moulding activities help the children to tap into their creativity - there is only one piece in the world that is like it and they take great pride in their uniqueness! Clay sculpting also teaches the kids to pay attention and practice mindfulness. For those of our children who suffer from ADHD, the activity works really well to focus their minds.

In recent times we have had kids who have needed to visit with the paediatric psychiatrist twice a month in addition to needing medicine. After spending time participating in the Clay moulding activities, with the kids making and giving their wares as gifts to their favourite teacher or doctor, they have built confidence and happiness in themselves. As a result we have seen a decrease in the frequency of visits to the doctor due to their improved mental health as well as reduction in medicines.

The work in the agricultural plots provides a great learning platform for the kids and builds a foundation for a career in agriculture.It also provides some of our young adults with intellectual disabilities who cannot study at a high level, a means to contribute and apply themselves.

Most of all the kids LOVE making sweets to share! They have fun creating new recipes, working together to prepare the food and cook, sharing with all their friends. Their treats are a favourite amongst the riders when they arrive after a 500km or 800km bike ride!

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