A Day in the Life of Wawa

19 Oct 2023

Wawa has been living at PAMA House with her brother Achi since 2016. Over the years they have both grown up to be role models and mentors for the younger children living at PAMA House. This month, we wanted to share a day in the life of Wawa to give you some insight into what life at PAMA House looks like for the kids.

Daily Tasks and Chores

05.30 - Rise and shine! Wawa starts the day with a burst of energy, making beds, sweeping and mopping the floor, setting a fresh and tidy foundation for the day ahead.

06.30 - After some light housekeeping, it's shower time. Fresh and clean, Wawa gets dressed and gets into breakfast to fuel up for the day.

07.15 - Off to school! At Hands, education is of utmost importance and Wawa loves heading off to school for a day of learning. Her favourite subjects are English and Music, her least favourite subject is History.

16.30 - School's out, and it's time to head home. When she gets home, Wawa lends a helping hand in looking after the younger kids who are still full of energy from the day.


17.00 - It's dinner prep time and Wawa loves to joins in given her dreams to be a chef one day!

18.00 - Dinner is served and Wawa sits down with all of the kids and staff at PAMA House to share a blessing and a meal as one big happy family. Her favourite meals include sticky rice, papaya salad and all of the Thai desserts!

19.00 - Homework takes centre stage after dinner as Wawa dives in the world of learning, tackling assignments and expanding her knowledge.

19.45 - The evening isn't complete without some quality time for conversation and ideas exchanged with the staff, followed by a moment of reflection and prayer.



20.30 – A little bit of fun before bed. Wawa enjoys music, games (especially Uno), and as an aspiring Chef, she loves watching MasterChef Thailand.

21.30 - It's time to head to bed, where dreams of the future unfold. Wawa dreams of one day becoming a Chef and would love to go to university with a focus on culinary education.



Through the support of Hands, we will ensure that Wawa can follow this passion for cooking, and we look forward to one day enjoying a meal cooked by her at PAMA House. Wawa really is a young soul with a world of potential and a heart full of enthusiasm.