Around the Homes - NLPK and NLPC

20 Nov 2023

Around the Homes - NLPK and NLPC

There is always an abundance of activities around the homes and this month we wanted to share with you what the kids at NLPK and NLPC have been upto.

Connecting Through Colours and Creativity

The project team put together a fun art activity for 30 children aged 8-12. This activity encouraged the kids to channel their free time into imaginative exercises and meditation. With each stroke of the brush, these young artists embarked on a journey of self-expression and joy.

Sweet Lessons in Baking

Saturdays at NLPK turn into a culinary haven for those aged 12 and older. From 09:00-12:00, a skilled staff member impart the secrets of crafting delicious bakery items and traditional Thai desserts. The aroma of cakes, donuts, and Thai sweets filled the air, as the children learned the art of baking with enthusiasm and delight.

Psychology Activities at NLPK

The resident psychologist at NLPK, put together engaging activities focused on exploring the minds of the children. Through movie screenings, media analysis, and group discussions, the kids developed critical thinking skills. Individual and group counselling sessions fostered a supportive environment, promoting emotional well-being.

Spiritual Growth

A spiritual milestone unfolded at NLPK as the Abbot from Wat Sapan Temple performed the ordination ceremony for young boys, transforming them into novitiates from October 17-22, 2023. For two weeks, these novices will immerse themselves in learning basic Dhamma and practicing meditation at the Sampanta Meditation Center within the NLPK grounds.

Harmony in Living Together: Youths' Training Day

NLPC celebrated a day of learning and joy last month with a special training session on "The Art of Living Happily Together." The staff guided the young individuals through a blend of recreational and educational activities. Divided into groups, the youths shared their ideas, creating an atmosphere of collaboration, fun, and happiness.

Harvesting Fruits and Vegetables

Fostering a connection with nature, the staff and young individuals at NLPC gathered fruits and vegetables from the local community. This hands-on experience not only contributed to sustainable practices but also allowed the children to actively participate in the process of cultivating and harvesting.

As we head into the end of the year, the children from NLPK and NLPC are eagerly anticipating upcoming events, including an exciting field trip and the festive celebrations of Christmas and New Year. These moments promise to be filled with laughter, learning, and the warmth of shared experiences, creating lasting memories for the children to cherish.