Leave a gift in your Will

A lasting legacy that will continue to give the
kids of Hands a life of choice, not chance

Become a Hands Legacy Hero!

A bequest to Hands is a meaningful way to make a lasting impact on the lives of so many. Every bequest received by Hands allows us a considerable degree of flexibility and security in planning for the future so we can continue to support our kids. 

By including a gift in your Will to Hands, you are joining a family of honoured supporters that we call Hands Legacy Heroes. Our Hands Legacy Heroes share a common bond: they want a future where all children are given an equal opportunity to live their best life. They want a future where every child has the gift of choice, not chance.

How will your gift make a difference and where will your gift go?

The money raised and entrusted to Hands to bring about change is used to provide the life-saving necessities for those in our homes and importantly it supports many families in an outreach program to keep kids out of our homes. We know the best place for kids when all things are equal is in a family. When that doesn’t exist, we provide a home for those kids, which really is just one big family. 

We believe that all children deserve the chance to build a future full of possibilities, opportunities, and dreams. Just as important as filling their bellies with healthy food, our role is to help them to see the opportunities that lie before them. 

Every gift is important to Hands
and can have a direct impact in so many ways: 


Food, clothing, shelter, and basic human rights for every child in our care


Safe, and loving home without abuse, neglect, or exploitation


Quality education in a supportive, and positive environment


Providing career opportunities and showing them what’s possible

Find out more

Our Gift in Wills brochure has more details on our Hands Legacy Heroes program, and how to leave a gift in your Will to Hands Across the Water. For more information, please download a copy of the brochure below:

Contact our Operations Manager, Amanda Reeves and receive more information