Early Learning Centre

06 Dec 2019

We know that it is incredibly important that children, regardless of what the family they are born into looks like, have the opportunity to be exposed to education early. Delaying access due to economic hardship or leaving their formal education early as pressure builds to contribute financially to the family can have a lifelong impact.

Up at Baan Home Hug, our latest project is the construction of a learning centre that will provide access for local children both within our care and those in the broader community to enter education early. The centre will support the rural families who previously have taken their children into the fields during the long hot days of work, by providing them with a safe environment for the children to spend their days developing and growing so they start school with a head start rather than coming from behind trying to play catch up.

The building and fit out of the centre has been possible through our generous donors and supporters. Keep up to date with the progress of the build via our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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