BTN Home April Update 2024

08 Apr 2024

This month, we share updates from BTN Home. The home has been bustling with activity, from artwork to offsite trips, cooking competitions, and preparations for the Business Blueprint charity ride! Read more about these experiences below.

In March, BTN Home staff organised art-inspired development activities for preschoolers and first graders. They blew paint into patterns, had an art teacher guide them in watercolor painting with brushes, and enjoyed the beauty of Sri Phang Nga National Park by watching fish and playing in the water.

On Makha Bucha Day, which was on February 24, the children went to Wat Kongkhaphimuk to attend prayers and to make a pilgrimage for themselves. The purpose of this pilgrimage was to instill a sense of good conscience in the children and to encourage them to embrace Buddhism. In the afternoon, the children listened to sermons from the master. In the evening, they took part in evening prayers and candlelight processions.

The children have also been busy in the kitchen. They learned how to prepare grilled meatballs. The children helped thread the meatballs onto skewers before grilling them in the charcoal oven until they were cooked and ready to eat for lunch.

Additionally, the whole home took part in an international cooking competition. The children were divided into groups, and the members helped prepare a foreign dish. This cooking activity was organized to give all children practical experience. Initially, their results might differ from what they expected, especially if the dish was challenging to prepare. Still, they learned that they will succeed if they continue to practice. And in the future, the children can cook for themselves. Knowledge of food and food preparation is a potential profession that the children can pursue. And learning how to work as a team is another valuable skill they were able to practice. 

BTN Home held a haircutting day and a homework mentoring session outside of the kitchen. The older brothers and sisters helped the younger kids with their haircuts because it's a tradition to get haircuts before final exams for the children's good health. Additionally, the older students assisted the younger students with their homework, checked their work to see what they still needed to complete, and helped them submit it to their teachers on time.

Looking ahead, the children and staff are most excited about the arrival of the Business Blueprint cyclists participating in the charity ride with Hands Across the Water. The kids can't wait to celebrate the arrival of these riders, who will have completed 500 km over 5 days when they arrive at BTN Home on April 21! We look forward to sharing more from this upcoming event...