The World of Technology

01 Jun 2021

Recently the kids had an exciting new experience at Home Hug and they got to experience something that most of us take for granted every day.

The wonder of technology! The kids had so much fun learning how to use the tablets for many different purposes. These included; 

  • Educational lessons on designing product logos,
  • Lessons on how to film and edit their videos, 
  • Using them to practice digital art, 
  • Creating their own storybooks 
  • Using them to read ebooks and 
  • Listening to audiobooks.  

The kids loved this experience, and we can't wait to teach them more. These devices are expensive, and as most of our children come from poverty, they may have gone their entire lives without using them. 

As we know, technology plays a massive part in the modern world, which is why learning how to use these devices is vital so that they don't lose out on opportunities in the future.

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