Hands Providing Kids With a Second Chance

22 Dec 2020

The story of Tong Kla

We don’t choose the life that we were born into.

Little Tong Kla didn’t choose the life he was born into.

This little fighter arrived in the world a little too early - 3 months premature.

He spent the first 6 months growing inside his mother’s belly with a twin brother. Sadly his twin brother didn’t survive the birth.

There is very little information about Tong Kla, all we know is that Mum was a university student who was too young and afraid to tell her parents she had a baby. When he arrived into the world early and sick, Mum disappeared. A young Mum with no family support, she must have felt the only option was to run.

Tong Kla now finds himself with no mother or father, no siblings, and no known relatives to care for him.

As if the world hadn’t already dealt him enough cruel blows, Tong Kla was not a well boy. Born premature, his brain was not developed, he was struggling in ICU and sadly the doctors gave up on him too.

The “last resort” was a phone call to Mae Thiew, the Director of Baan Home Hug, to see if she could take care of this baby and nurse him through his final days.

She collected Tong Kla and held him in her arms like it was the first time she had held a child. Love oozed for this little boy and Mae Thiew made a commitment to give him the best life that he deserved regardless of how long that would be.

It hasn’t been easy. She has nursed him back to life on more than one occasion, but one thing is for certain, Tong Kla will never experience someone giving up on him again. Mae Thiew and his new family at Home Hug will walk beside him and whatever time he has on this planet, he will know that he is loved, and that is how it should be.

Tong Kla arrived at Home Hug in March. Thanks to the support of our community and the love from his Home Hug family, Tong Kla is still with us and is thriving as a bouncy baby boy. He might have a challenging road ahead but we’re here to provide him with all that he needs to survive.

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