A Bright Future for Am: From Baan Home Hug to a Career in Tourism

17 Jun 2024

At Hands, our mission is to create opportunities and provide brighter futures for the children of Baan Home Hug. One inspiring story is that of Am, a former resident of Baan Home Hug, who is now flourishing in a traineeship program with our social enterprise, Hands Experiences Thailand (HET). This traineeship, established through Hands, is part of our broader initiative, the Hike for Hands Challenge, which aims to fundraise and support more kids in reaching their dreams.

Am's Journey
Am's journey is a testament to resilience, dedication, and the power of opportunity. Growing up in Baan Home Hug, a home for disadvantaged children, Am faced numerous challenges. However, with the unwavering support of the caregivers and the community, Am's potential began to shine. When the opportunity for a traineeship with HET came, Am seized it, eager to build a career in tourism—a field that promises a dynamic and fulfilling future.

A Trainee with Promise
At HET, Am is gaining invaluable experience through a variety of critical roles. She manages tour inventory and company assets, assists in product development, handles accommodation and tour reservations, and keeps records of bike services. Additionally, Am oversees social media, tracks merchandise, supports room booking platform development, and contributes to day tour development and key info compilation. Am has also received first aid training to assist with the bike tours and Hands charity bike rides when required. These responsibilities provide her with practical skills and a comprehensive understanding of the tourism industry.

In Am's Own Words
We believe it's important to hear directly from Am about this transformative experience:
"This is my story for this time. To be an intern with HET is a very new life experience for me. I have to open my mind to new perspectives, to learn new things and embrace a new society. My mind and body are ready for this challenge. I have numerous responsibilities: to help develop the tour, to provide support for tours, to help develop HET's activities, to answer central emails and do other administrative tasks. Meanwhile, I will also research and study to gain knowledge about tourism and travel. And I will help Nicha explore marketing and sales. I will contact agencies and hotels to sell products, coordinate with them about tours and keep up to date about everything that is going on. I will strive hard to do my best. I believe that the more effort I put in, the more I will learn."

Supporting Brighter Futures
Am's story is just one of many. Through initiatives like the Hike for Hands Challenge, we aim to create more success stories. By participating in this challenge, you are directly contributing to the futures of children like Am, providing them with the opportunities they need to succeed.
Join us in supporting Am and other children from Baan Home Hug. Your contribution can make a world of difference, turning dreams into reality and providing a pathway to a brighter, more prosperous future.
Together, we can make it happen.

Support our Hike for Hands Home Team this June and be a part of this incredible journey towards brighter futures for our kids. Every tax-deductible donation brings us closer to more success stories like Am's. Thank you for your generosity and support!