to join a Hands Experience 

Give yourself a meaningful challenge.

Push yourself to new levels, break out of your comfort zone and increase your confidence, all while raising awareness and providing support for kids that need help.

Improve your fitness,health and wellbeing.

You will feel fantastic physically and mentally as you train for your ride, and achieve fitness goals you might never have thought possible.

Improve your mental health.

This experience is an opportunity to focus on something positive and selfless. You will have an exciting personal goal and feel connected to a cause that’s bigger than yourself.

Be welcomed into a supportive community.

When you join the Hands community you’ll find a group of passionate, like-minded individuals who stand for something and aren’t afraid of being pushed, just like you.

Make a real, lasting change to a child’s life.

By participating in our challengeyou will create a lasting change in achild’s life, and save kids from living in poverty or bad circumstances.

Travel to places you've never been to before.

This isn’t a weekend cycle! This is a one-of-a-kind experience full of villages, coastal roads, beaches, temples, wildlife, incredible sights and so much more.

Create memories you will never forget.

If we can promise one thing, you will never forget this experience! Through the smiles, sweat, tears & friendships, you will talk about this for years.

Take some well deserved for yourself.

When was the last time you did something for yourself? No one is making you do this ride, and that’s what makes it even more powerful. Escape the noise of city life and focus on you.

See your impact (even after you’re finished).

Not only will you get to meet the children you are helping, you’re able to see their progress and the impact your contribution has had on their lives as they grow up.

Feel spiritually connected.

There’s nothing quite like the combination of a physical challenge, a dedication to a mission and moments of inward reflection that make you feel connected and full of purpose.

I was at my friend's 40th Birthday party… she was fundraising for some crazy 800km bike ride… Al lI could thinkwas “why on earth would anyone want to do that?” Well turns out it was less crazy than I thought because since that day I’ve taken part in 6 rides.

Nickie Race Jones


Who am I?

My name is Nickie and I live in Auckland, NZ. I hadn’t ridden a bike since University and, as I was hurtling towards 50 years young, I had no intention to. However, I also did not realise that I was clearly searching for something. Maybe the need to make a small difference in this ugly world of ours, but I was not sure how. I was not looking for an excuse to wear lycra though! And I was definitely deeply suspicious of charities, knowing that donated funds were so often diluted by admin, marketing or “unseen” costs.


What Changed My Mind?

Within a week of leaving my friend’s party, I had bought and read Pete’s book, and made a decision to jump in and do something outside of my comfort zone. Suddenly I had 5 months to train AND raise $10,000! I am not sure which was more terrifying. I was not a cyclist and had never fundraised before. But with support from the Hands Group, I did it.


How Was The Ride?

The Hands ride is challenging. But once you have done one ride and overcome the perceived mountain of fundraising and the physical challenge of the ride itself, you learn that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, and you want to do it all again. The Hands community teaches the principles of love, kindness and integrity. It is like self-development on wheels. Plus, 100% of every single dollar donated goes directly to helping the kids.


Would I Do It Again?

Once you have done one ride, you will want to do it again. Nothing can replace that experience of riding into Home Hug or BTN and seeing the kids’ smiling faces. And nothing can replace the sense of personal achievement and camaraderie that you will experience. I recommend it to anyone!






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