Because every child deserves a life of choice and opportunity

Sponsor a child

Through the Child Sponsorship Program, Hands is able to provide ongoing funding to support our superheroes beyond their time in the home and empower them to take a different path once they leave. Together with your loved ones, you can bring hope, joy and happiness to one or more of our superheroes for just $100 per month.



Target amount: $2,147,483,647.00

Amount raised: $43,798.20


Kids in our Care

We have babies through to university students that live a life of choice thanks to the generous support of our donors. 


Donations to the kids

100% of all donations go directly to the kids and communities. No funds spent on administration and marketing. Here's how


Funds Raised

Since 2005 we have raised $25m ensuring that 100% of all donors funds go directly to the children and communities they support.

Latest Events

  • Ride to Provide 2021 - Gulf of Thailand Ride

    Cycle 800km over 8 days through the Gulf of Thailand travelling along some beautiful beachside locations and finishing at PAMA House. This is an amazing 'bucket list' experience with profound personal and community benefits you will be talking about for a lifetime; with lifelong impact to the kids in our homes. Read more

  • Renovation Taskforce 2020

    Get your tool belts ready. Each year we head to one of our centres to undertake renovations. You don’t need a specific skill set other than a love of hard work and a go get em attitude. This year’s Taskforce will be heading back to our Surin property of Baan Home Hug. Read more

  • Future of Leadership

    Visiting Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington & Bangkok, this 1-day event is packed with insights from business leaders & keynote speakers from across Australia. Read more

Latest Reads

  • How one small ‘yes’ can enable women to access life-changing opportunities

    Everywhere you look there is a rising woman. She is on the bus on the way into work contemplating when the right time is to go for the next job, she is in hospital giving birth to her first child feeling excited but scared about what is about to come next, she is sitting down to take her final HSC exam for the school year not knowing quite what she wants to do with her life. Read more

  • When your legs get tired, ride with your heart

    Riding 500km across Thailand with a group of real estate professionals to raise money for the Hands Across the Water charity sounded straight-forward enough. I knew it would be challenging but rewarding, I knew it would be a meaningful experience, and I knew that the funds raised would make a real difference to children in need. What I didn’t know though at the time was the true life-changing impact of that decision. Read more

  • What the charity sector can learn from the 2019 Bushfires

    In recent months Australia has seen some of the worst bushfires in history resulting in huge losses of life, homes and land. The images are soul destroying and the stories are heartbreaking but if we can take some glimmer of positivity from this disaster it is the generosity that has come from across the globe. Read more