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Donations of $2 and over are tax deductible. Funds raised will provide our kids with a life of choice and opportunity.

Renovation Taskforce 2021

Get your tool belts ready. Each year we head to one of our centres to undertake renovations. You don’t need a specific skill set other than a love of hard work and a go get em attitude. This year’s Taskforce will be heading back to our PAMA House in Chantaburi.




Tickets: From $250.00

Author: Airene Bongon

Location: PAMA House in Chantaburi ,, Chantaburi

Volunteer Opportunities

The charity sector in particular is an incredibly crowded place with a seemingly infinite choice for those looking to contribute to the good that is being done. And it’s for this reason that we so deeply appreciate those who put up their hand to volunteer.




Kids in our Care

We have babies through to university students that live a life of choice thanks to the generous support of our donors. 


Donations to the kids

100% of all donations go directly to the kids and communities. No funds spent on administration and marketing. Here's how


Funds Raised

Since 2005 we have raised $25m ensuring that 100% of all donors funds go directly to the children and communities they support.

Latest Events

  • Lift Victoria Up - For VIC residents

    On 2nd August, Victoria declared a second Stage 4 lockdown for metropolitan Melbourne and further Stage 3 Stay Home restrictions for Regional Victoria as a result of community spread covid-19. We recognise that this will be a hard time for many as small businesses won’t survive the shutdown, parents will have to tackle homeschooling again, and individuals face dire challenges as unemployment rises and the economy takes a massive dive. Read more

  • Run with Victoria Virtual Fitness Challenge

    We’d love for you to join us as we #runwithvictoria over August and September. We created not one, but two Virtual Challenges, that will run for a 30 day period. Our Challenges are for adults and kids so you can all get involved and share the experience together. Read more

  • Hands Big Night In

    Join us for the biggest party of the year as we gather our community, connect with our homes and celebrate 15 years of Hands Across the Water. Read more

Latest Reads

  • Ride to Provide Virtual Challenge

    It’s hard to think of anyone who has not been impacted in some way as a result of the challenges we have faced and will continue to face in 2020 as a result of the global pandemic. The disruption to our fundraising at Hands was swift and brutal and the impact of this will last long into the future, even after the international borders open, whenever that might be. Read more

  • Fundraising During Covid-19

    The coronavirus pandemic has put on hold many key fundraising initiatives including bike rides, gala dinners and other community events. This doesn’t have to stop people fundraising though while still observing self-isolation rules. Even as restrictions start to lift people will be a little hesitant going out in large groups or to mass gatherings so here are some ideas to keep you raising funds during this time. Read more

  • Get Moving in June

    We’ve recently launched our first ever Virtual Challenge. The challenge… to cycle 800km in June! But what if you don’t like cycling or don’t even own a bike? Well, the good news is we don’t discriminate. You can hop, skip or jump your way through 800km; we’ve even heard whispers of someone taking on the challenge on roller skates and another on horseback. It’s all for the kids after all. Read more