The Hands Hero Challenge is Back!

25 Jul 2022

It doesn’t matter how you’re involved in Hands, we want you to benefit and feel enriched by the experience. When we consider the community of Hands there are a couple of obvious groups: those that support the work that we do; and those in Thailand that are the direct beneficiaries of that support. This is where you come in.

Do you think you can clock 300,000 steps in September?

It costs us $100k to support our homes for a month, so we are aiming to raise the full amount during this challenge. This is where you come in. Every step you clock and every dollar you raise will take us closer to achieving our $100k fundraising goal. You can take on the 300k Challenge by yourself, with your family, or get together as a virtual team with your work or community sport teams. It is super easy to set up your team page and track your fundraising and distance goals through the month.

The money raised with Hands is used to provide the life-saving necessities for the kids in our homes and importantly, supporting many families in an outreach program keeping kids out of our homes. We know the best place for kids when all things are equal is in a family. When that doesn’t exist we provide a home for those kids, which really is just one big family.

There are so many benefits for joining this challenge including keeping you fit and healthy throughout the month and forming habits that will last for many years to come. Walking 10k steps per day has also been proven to reduce stress, improve your mood, boost your memory and help you have better sleep.

Stay tuned on our social media, emails and blogs over the next few months to see how the rest of the community rises to the challenge!

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