Celebrating our Role Models and Mentors this Father's Day

03 Sep 2023

Growing up without a father figure can present unique challenges for the kids in our homes, yet it's important to recognize that the absence of a biological father doesn't mean the absence of positive male influence.

The importance of role models and mentors in the lives of these young individuals can’t be understated, and it's heart-warming to see how our staff and even some of the older kids step into these roles within the homes we support. They are much more than caretakers – they are beacons of support and inspiration for the kids who look up to them.

Consider Game's remarkable journey – once a young boy in our home under the nurturing care of Khun Rotjana, he now stands tall and proud as a father figure for the children who have followed in his footsteps. With a heart full of compassion, Game has transformed from a recipient of support to a provider of guidance. He is not only a shoulder to lean on but also a source of inspiration. The older boys in our care look up to him as a role model, a living testament to the lasting impact that father figures, even those who emerge from challenging circumstances themselves, can have on the lives of others. Game's story underscores the power of mentorship and the beautiful cycle of positive influence that can shape generations to come.

Then we have the invaluable role of Khun Peter (Baines), who extends his unwavering support and mentorship to Game and the older boys, especially during challenging times. Peter, a devoted father himself, understands the profound impact that a father figure can have on shaping a person's life. He ensures that Game and others like him have the nurturing presence they deserve, embodying the principle that strong role models and mentors can bridge the gaps left by absence, creating a ripple effect of positivity that reaches far beyond the immediate circumstances.

Up at Home Hug, we see the uplifting presence of Por Non and Por Bum, individuals who have wholeheartedly committed their lives to nurturing and safeguarding the kids in their care. These role models, like pillars of strength, stand as living proof of the transformative power that genuine support and guidance can have on children who may have lacked a stable and secure foundation.

And let's not forget to applaud the remarkable efforts of our older boys within the homes. Achi from PAMA House, Gun from Home Hug, along with Farphet, Meen, and Biew from BTN, embody the essence of fine young men who have a lot of love and support to give. Despite the challenges they themselves face, they consistently extend their nurturing support to the younger ones.

All these wonderful humans offer guidance, support, and a sense of security. We see that this mentorship is crucial for the emotional and psychological development of our kids, and we can’t be prouder of them all for stepping up to provide this support.

Let's remember that fatherhood is not just about genetics – it's about the love, care, and guidance we provide to shape the next generation, one child at a time. So today, on Father’s Day here in Australia, we celebrate all the men and the role models in our homes who offering valuable lessons and provide a safe space for our kids to share their dreams, fears, and aspirations.