Hands Hero Challenge Ideas

21 Apr 2021

You’ve signed up for the Hands Hero Challenge - or thinking about signing up - and you’re stuck for ideas on what your nominated Challenge will be. The Hands team has put together a list of ideas to help you land on what you can do in 24 hours in June.

Whether you go solo or as a team, choose to do the 24 hours in one go or spread across the month, and decide to create or break a habit we’ve got you covered.

24-hour Fitness Challenge Ideas

1. 24 hour Cycle Challenge
Don the lycra, grab your mates and head out to your local velodrome, bike path or spin studio to keep the wheels spinning for 24 hours.

2. 24 hour Relay Challenge
Grab your crew and head to your local park to pound the pavement for 24 continuous hours. Be sure to have plenty of water, snacks and support while you keep your team moving.

3. 24 hour trail run
Hit your favourite trail - don’t forget your support crew and your headlamp - and tackle the trails over a 24 hour period.

4. 24 hour Tennis Challenge
Do you have a local court that will support your efforts to raise money for our kids? You could enlist a group of individuals and teams to play a round robin for a 24 hour period.

5. Office 24 Hour Challenge
Keep your team moving for 24 hours. Split the Challenge into 3 x 8 hour working days. One person from your team must be moving for an hour before they pass the baton over to the next person.

6. Explore the area with your pooch
Take your furry friend on the journey (makes for great social media photos) and make it your mission to do 12 x 2 hour new walks over the month of June.

7. 24 Hour Swim Challenge
A fun team relay event where teams have a swimmer in the water for the entire 24 hours.

8. Sit up challenge
1 hour of sit ups per day for 24 days, do you have the core strength to get crunching?

9. Hula Hoop Challenge
Go back to your childhood and bring out the hula hoop for 1 hour a day for 24 days. Set yourself mini time challenges to see how long you can hula hoop for.

Breaking/Creating Habits Challenge Ideas

10. 24 Hour Digital/Social/Netflix Detox
Lock all of your devices away for a full 24 hours and see if you can stay disconnected for 24 hours. Sign up as a family or do it alone, you might be surprised and enjoy the peace and quiet for a change.

11. 24 Hour Fasting Challenge
Give up food for 24 hours

12. Caffeine free Challenge
Give up your 1, 2, 3 or multiple coffees a day for 24 hours.

13. Eat only Green Food for 24 Hours
This is a great one for kids if you want them to get a double dose of vegetables for the week! Choose a colour and see if you can stick to it for 24 hours.

14. Meditation and Mindfulness Challenge
Developing a mindfulness habit can begin with meditating once per day. Still you mind in June by dedicating 1 hour a day for 24 days to still your mind.

15. Yoga Challenge
Dedicate 1 hour a day for 24 days, or 2 hours a day for 12 days to yoga practise.

16. Let’s Get Moving Challenge
Do you struggle to hit your 10,000 steps a day target? Use the Hands Hero Challenge to move each day for 24 days in June. All it takes is 1 hour each day for 6 days of the week to get moving.

17. Writers Challenge
Take up journaling or set yourself a Challenge to start writing that book you have been talking about. Just 1 hour a day for 24 days in June should be enough to kickstart something wonderfully creative.

18. Reading Challenge
This is a great challenge for adults and kids looking to expand their learning. Whether it’s several pages of a book you’re currently reading, a couple of magazine articles, a relevant blog post, set the challenge to do some reading for an hour each day for 24 days.

19. Great Outdoors Challenge
Camp, walk, or run in nature for 24 hours. Choose to do it continuously for 24 hours or set yourself a goal to get outdoors for at least an hour a day for 24 days.

20. Learn to Play an Instrument
Dedicate 1 hour each day for 24 days to pick up a new instrument and learn to play. Guitar, piano, flute, recorder. Learn a song, snap a video and share in our community at the end of your 24 hours.

21. Community clean up
Dedicate 24 hours in June to clean up your local beach, park, streets to bring about change for your community and the kids that you are working to support

22. Stay awake for 24 hours
Fun one to do with your mates, camp out in the backyard and see if you can all stay awake for a 24 hour period. Set mini challenges for each other to stay motivated during your Challenge.

23. No Electricity for 24 hours
Turn the lights off, ditch the stove, and give Netflix a miss for 24 hours. Get creative with candles, campfires and board games. Take the challenge on with your mates or your family to raise much needed funds for our kids.

Challenge with a Twist

24. Identity Swap
Partner up with your other half to walk a 24 hour period in their shoes… literally!

25. Baby Food Challenge
Swap your morning toast for pureed rice custard as you take on the 24 hour baby food challenge. For 24 hours you will eat nothing but pureed baby food. Make it yourself or grab yourself some of those delicious meals in a jar to get you through your 24 hours.

26. Volunteer Challenge
Put your hand up to volunteer for 24 hours in June - offer to baby sit, help out your neighbour or spending time visiting the aged care facilities in your area.


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