Our homes approach to sustainable income generation

02 Feb 2021

At first glance it would be easy to mistake the food van for a photo shoot for a wellness magazine. Filled with images of beautiful fruits and vegetables, complemented by local seasonal flowers the food van is so much more than your local farmers market on wheels.

The van was recently fitted out by Pla and the staff at PAMA House following a generous donation from the Seek Foundation in support of our sustainability project. The van is an example of the new age and new way of doing things at our homes across Thailand.

It’s not a result of Covid, but the importance of their efforts has certainly been raised. For many years now each of our homes have been contributing towards creating local income generation activities that in even the most modest forms sees a reduction in the funding required.

Visitors to Baan Tharn Namchai for many years have been able to spend time and money in the craft shop leaving with fashion items that are equal to those found in many boutique shops. The benefits of the activities stretch well beyond the income generation. At BTN the ladies creating the craft and fashion as full time sewers have in many cases been the dominant if not sole income source for their families.

Across all of our homes activities similar to what Pla has been building at PAMA House are underway and have been for some time. There is land devoted to growing the freshest of fruit and vegetables that not only becomes a source of food for the children and staff but the learnings are also part of their growth and development.

The activities aren’t limited to generating food for the children but you can have your own "paddock to plate” experience at BTN as they take food from their hydroponic crops and create delicious meals in their recently opened restaurant servicing the local community.

At Baan Home Hug the recently opened coffee shop is not only teaching the children new skills but providing a much sought after latte. Across at Kanchanburi visitors for many years will know the best source of local bread comes from the hands of the kids and the boys at Chumpon have since time began growing an array of in demand fruit and vegetables that contribute significantly to the running costs of that home.

Deepika Padukone said “The fruit of your own hard work is the sweetest” and I assume she said that after tasting one of the locally grown organic bananas from the Pama food van!!

You can make a donation to help fund new initiatives like these for our kids future.


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