Mission Complete: Tong-Sai Is Returned To His Family

11 Mar 2021

Sawasdee ka!

One of our core beliefs is that all things being equal, the best place for a child is with their family. It’s only when those opportunities don’t exist that we provide solutions. Whilst we help a lot of children, in a perfect world we wouldn’t need homes — but unfortunately, the world isn’t perfect.

Tong Sai is a beautiful example of our ultimate goal at Hands Across The Water. He has been in our care for 22 years while we provided him a temporary home and worked with his family. He was transferred to Home Hug by the government when he was just 2 years old along with his siblings.

His father has visual disabilities, his mother and older brother have intellectual disabilities, his older sister was sexually assaulted, and his younger sister was at high risk of a similar situation. Although the situation can be challenging, we never shut families out. We support where we can, and continue to provide support if and when a child reunites with their family.

It’s with great pleasure that we can say Tong Sai has returned home! The staff have worked with the family to ensure they are in a position to support Tong Sai with his disability, and provide a safe and secure home for him now and in the future.

But not only that, he has grown so much. At 24 he is now capable of rice farming and raising chickens. He is independent and self-reliant and ready to go home. His father was very happy for him to return where he will give him help cutting bamboo and making fish traps. Upon his return, his mother cracked a smile and Tong-sai was able to light a fire and cook rice for his family.

Home Hug opened his bank account so that he can receive monthly pay, and they will continue to support him with rice and dry food.

If you want to support other children like Tong-sai and help to give them a life of opportunity instead of chance, click here to sponsor a child.

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