PAMA House June Update 2024

11 Jun 2024

It has been a busy few months since we last heard from PAMA House... Check out all the exciting activities the kids have been up to below!

Orchard Harvest:
From March to June, PAMA House experienced a busy and fruitful period with the mangosteen and durian harvest coinciding with the children’s school holidays. Despite the unusually hot weather reducing the durian yield, the children enthusiastically helped collect mangosteen. They sorted and prepared the fruit for export, shared some with other homes, including Baan Than Namchai and Baan Home Hug, and kept some for themselves.

Graduation Celebration:
On March 1, 2024, PAMA House celebrated the achievements of students graduating from Grade 6 (Tawan, Mitsu, Fluke) at Wat Phluang School and Grade 9 (Wawa, Tongsun, Mai) at Khitchakut Witthaya School. The event included congratulatory cards, flowers, and small gifts from the staff and children. CONGRATS! 

House Blessing Ceremony:
On March 11, 2024, PAMA House held a house blessing ceremony, offering food to monks to bring prosperity to the home and its residents.

Swimming Classes:
Every weekend, children took swimming lessons at Bunsomwittaya School. These classes, supported by the Seek Fund, not only provided exercise but also helped the children relax, energize, and improve their mental health.

Songkran Celebrations:
On April 13, 2024, the children celebrated Songkran, the Thai New Year, by splashing water, pouring water on Buddha statues, and showing respect to elders. This festive day was filled with joy and memorable moments captured in photos.

Welcoming Baan Than Namchai:
From March 28 to April 2, 2024, PAMA House welcomed staff and children from Baan Than Namchai Foundation. Together, they participated in activities like painting, a walking rally, and learning about durian orchard care, fostering strong relationships and a spirit of sharing.

Day of Love for Reading:
On April 2, 2024, to celebrate Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn’s birthday, the Khao Khitchakut District Library organized reading events. Children enjoyed games, crafts, and reading activities, promoting knowledge, critical thinking, and creativity.

Kids Play Club:
On April 20, 2024, Kids Play Club organized fun activities themed “Inviting Children to Play.” The children engaged in games, painting, and storytelling, receiving praise and prizes for their creative efforts.

Field Trip to the National Science Museum:
On April 21, 2024, the children visited the National Science Museum in Pathum Thani. They explored exhibitions, learned about pioneering scientists, and watched an astronomy film.

Visit to Arun Village Farm:
On April 22, 2024, the children visited Arun Village Farm, learning about rice planting and production. This hands-on experience taught them the value of rice and provided fun learning outside the classroom.

English Classes:
Starting May 6, 2024, Khun Louise Foley, an Australian volunteer, returned to teach English to the children after school from Monday to Friday.

Swimming Safety Training:
On May 7-8, 2024, PAMA House hosted a SwimSafe training course, teaching children and staff essential water survival skills and rescue techniques, with support from the Thai Life Saving Society.

Mangosteen Peel Soap Making:
During the fruiting season, the children learned to make soap from mangosteen peels. This activity not only utilized the leftover peels but also taught the children about the medicinal and cosmetic benefits of mangosteen.

Giant Kite Festival:
On May 25, 2024, the children attended the Giant Kite Festival at Laem Sing Beach in Chanthaburi province. They were thrilled to see Thai and international kites and even had the opportunity to fly their own.

Looking Forward:
The children are excited to participate in the upcoming “Hike for Hands” Challenge. Stay tuned for more updates on the incredible experiences and achievements at PAMA House!