Home NLPK July Update 2023

13 Jul 2023

We are thrilled to share with you the latest activities and accomplishments of the amazing children and youth at Home NLPK. Their dedication and enthusiasm continue to inspire us all. Read on below to get all the details of the recent happenings around the home. 

English Lessons: Our dedicated teacher has been providing engaging English lessons to children ranging from Kindergarten to grade 12. These lessons take place on Tuesday to Friday during regular school days, with additional English instruction on the weekends. The children absolutely love these lessons as they not only improve their language skills but also complement their overall education.

Psychology Sessions: Khun Sasinan Nilchansiri has been teaching our children aged 5-18 years about thinking skills and analyzing movies, fostering their cognitive development. It's a wonderful opportunity for them to enhance their critical thinking abilities.

Excursions & Celebrations: Our devoted teachers organized an unforgettable trip to Dream World amusement park for 40 children and youth. It was a day filled with laughter, joy, and relaxation. The children had a fantastic time exploring the park and creating lasting memories.

To celebrate the children and youth born in the same month, we hosted a combined birthday party. This special occasion brought everyone together, fostering a sense of community and belonging. It was a heartwarming event that created beautiful connections.

Our project children had the unique opportunity to participate in a chanting and prayer session, paying their respects to the Buddha and practicing the Dharma alongside the monks at Wat Saphan, Bangkok. This activity took place on a Buddhist holy day at the Three Thousand Forest Dhamma Practice Center. It was a spiritually enriching experience for the children.

Cooking Classes: Our teacher organized engaging cooking classes on Saturday evenings, where 10 children at a time learned about food preparation using ingredients grown within the project, such as mushrooms and garden vegetables. These classes aimed to provide them with valuable cooking knowledge and skills.

Agricultural education activities: Throughout the year, our teachers oversee the kids in producing a rotation of crops, including lemon, lemongrass, mango, kaffir lime, basil, papaya, and the latest addition of salad vegetables. This initiative empowers the children with vocational training and valuable knowledge about sustainable farming.

We hope you enjoyed reading about the fantastic experiences and achievements of our children and youth at Home NLPK and we are grateful for your support in creating such a nurturing and inspiring environment for them.