A Family Reunited

28 Sep 2021

Today was a good day for our Hands Family.

We received news from Home Hug that 18 year old Mali has been reunited with some of her extended family in a village close to where she receives medical treatment.

This beautiful young lady came into the care of Home Hug as a small child. She was not in a good way when she arrived as life had dealt her some pretty cruel blows. She had lost her parents, had severe medical issues, and her general health was deteriorating rapidly. Her tumultuous start to life had left her low on confidence and very timid in nature.

Over the years Mali has grown into a strong young woman with a heart as big as Mae Thiews. She has become a role model to the young girls and mother hen to the babies that are in the early stages of their own journey through Home Hug. Her love and compassion, a true testament to the family that is Home Hug.

Mali knew this day would come so she has been saving her pocket money from making tie dye, clay sculptures and mushroom sales. She was recently vaccinated for COVID-19 and will continue to receive support for her ongoing issues.

She leaves Home Hug as a confident, healthy and happy young woman with a bright future. We couldn't be more proud of Mali and all of our older kids who are finding their special place in the world.

At Hands, we believe and understand that, all things being equal, the best place for children is with their family. But when things aren't equal, or those opportunities don’t exist, then we provide solutions.

This is a story of a child who needed our support and is now ready to spread her wings and fly.

Back in the village where she belongs.

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