Supporter Spotlight - Jeff Tyzack & Rachael Jacobs

16 Jan 2023

At first Rachael wasn't going to do the ride. When Rachael’s boss heard Peter speak at a Blueprint conference he was going to do the ride, but then Covid got in the way. Rachael then suggested that Jeff do the ride as he loved cycling and this seemed like a great cause. Rachael then thought, could she do it too? - even though she didn’t own a bike at that point.

She decided YES. The commitment was made, a bike was purchased, and they both started our training and fundraising journey with Hands. We are proud to congratulate Jeff Tyzack & Rachael Jacobs for recently completing the Hands Ride to Provide 2023. Learn about their life changing experience and what the Hands journey has meant for them...

What was your favourite Hands memory from the ride?

Riding in to PAMA House with all the kids cheering with bells and horns sounding. This was a very emotional moment which we will cherish for ever.

What are your top tips for fundraising?

Don’t be afraid to ask everyone and anyone and maybe even more than once. We met some people during a longer training ride and just started a conversation and later that night they donated. We had printed information with our QR code link which we gave them a copy.
Share a weekly status of your training on your social media including a link to your fundraising page.

What would you say to encourage future Hands riders?

Rachael: Anyone can do this ride, but the more hours of training you do beforehand will pay off through a much more enjoyable ride and give you a better opportunity to take in the environment. You won’t be just trying to get there. Even though I thought I’d done enough training, in the last few days of the ride, I felt my legs couldn’t take me any further, but the amazing support I got from the other riders, got me to the finish. You start the ride as a group and finish as a group, which includes every segment of about 20km. After all, we all have the one goal in common, to give the kids choices in life.

Jeff: My Hands journey has been life changing for me in so many ways. The relationships built with the other riders will continue as we have shared something very special. Yes, we rode 800km in 8 days carrying a laminated picture of one of the children, who we did not know other than a few facts. When we rolled in to Pama House, the 800km felt like nothing, the levels of excitement and emotions were heightened, an absolutely joyous memory to cherish for ever. All the kids were so happy and it was clear to me that they are loved and cared for like every child deserves. They are at their home and they are truly getting an opportunity of choice for their future.

Favourite Quote: "Don’t ride the hill before you get to it."

Name of ride experience completed: Ride to Provide Gulf of Thailand 2023

Fundraising total for Hands: $22,002 Team total

Thank you Rachael and Jeff for your amazing contribution and efforts on behalf of Hands!

Want to take on the experience? Ride to Provide 2024 is now open for registrations!