Excursion in the Chanthaburi and Petchaburi Province

06 May 2024

BTN Home embarked on a trip to Chanthaburi and Petchaburi provinces in March and April. The children and staff spent five nights at PAMA House and two nights in Petchaburi Province. Their main goal was to take the children to Khao Khitchakut in Chanthaburi Province to worship the Buddha's footprint, fostering qualities like perseverance and patience. Alongside this spiritual journey, they delved into Thailand's rich culture and traditions. Additionally, the children enjoyed various other activities during their excursion. Read all the details below.

Enhancing the ambiance and brightening up the central courtyard at PAMA House involved two engaging activities: beautification and courtyard painting. Staff meticulously planned these initiatives to instil in the children the values of generosity and cooperation. Through painting, we aimed to nurture their creativity and organizational skills, empowering them to take charge of the task independently. Despite encountering initial challenges, such as limited colour options, the children adeptly tackled these obstacles. They demonstrated remarkable problem-solving abilities, mixing colours ingeniously to expand their palette. Collaboratively, they sketched and filled in vibrant designs, infusing the space with beauty and charm.

Participating in activities centered around nurturing the durian orchard was not only enriching but also highly practical for the children. By actively engaging in these tasks, they gained invaluable direct knowledge about caring for durian trees. As they prepared to manage BTN's expanding orchard, they honed essential skills like fertilization and soil maintenance tailored specifically to durian cultivation. Moreover, they delved into inventive methods for weed management and problem-solving, empowering themselves to tackle future obstacles. This immersive learning experience not only deepened their understanding of durian trees but also underscored the real-world application of their newfound expertise.

The Walk Rally game activity served as a delightful opportunity for the children to unwind and enjoy themselves in a setting tailored to their age group. Designed to foster camaraderie among peers and siblings from Baan Tharn Namchai and PAMA House, the game encouraged bonding and friendship building. Amidst the excitement, the children gleaned important life lessons such as teamwork, patience, compassion, strategic planning, and leadership. Whether consciously or subconsciously, the participants reflected on these values, leading to profound learning moments and memorable experiences for each child involved.

The excursion to the Shrine of King Taksin the Great offered a poignant opportunity for the children to honour the memory and legacy of His Majesty, who played a pivotal role in restoring Thailand's independence. As one of the nation's most significant sites, it holds profound historical and cultural significance. Visiting this revered shrine allowed the children to pay their respects and gain a deeper understanding of His Majesty's contributions. They immersed themselves in the rich history surrounding the shrine, discovering artifacts dating back to the pre-formation era of Thailand.

The journey to Khao Khitchakut was similarly a profound cultural experience steeped in tradition and reverence. Thai people hold the worship of the Buddha's footprint in high esteem, making it a cherished and sacred ritual. The pilgrimage to Khao Khitchakut, also known as Phra Phluang, takes place during the third lunar month and is only open for worship 60 days each year. Setting out for Khao Khitchakut required an early start, with the children waking up at 3 am to prepare and depart by 4 am. The journey began with a car ride covering 5.6 kilometres, followed by a 1.6-kilometer uphill trek lasting about an hour. Despite facing physical and mental fatigue along the arduous path, the children persevered, supporting, and encouraging each other every step of the way.

Exploring significant religious, cultural, and historical sites in Phetchaburi province offered the children an enriching journey through Thailand's heritage. Among the notable destinations was Khao Wang, resembling a cave atop a mountain, adorned with Buddha statues and mesmerizing stalactites. The children marvelled at the natural beauty and spiritual ambiance of this site. Continuing their exploration, they visited Khao Luang, an ancient site steeped in Phetchaburi's rich history, followed by Phra Ram Ratchaniwet, also known as Ban Puen Palace. Constructed under the reign of His Majesty King Chulalongkorn in 1926, this palace stands as a testament to Thailand's regal legacy. Each location holds significant cultural and historical importance, offering the children a glimpse into the country's illustrious past.

Overall, it was a great excursion that provided lifelong skills and beautifully captured the children's dedication to learning, their appreciation for history and heritage, their determination and camaraderie amidst challenges, and their awe and wonder at the beauty and history preserved in these remarkable places throughout Phetchaburi province.