Happy Thai Mother's Day

12 Aug 2023

Mother's Day in Thailand holds a special place in the hearts of Thai people, and it is celebrated on August 12th each year. This date coincides with the birthday of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, the beloved Queen Mother of Thailand, who is seen as the mother of the nation. Queen Sirikit is revered for her dedication to charitable work and her unwavering commitment to the well-being of the Thai people, which has earned her the title of "Mother of the Land."

While the day is dedicated to Queen Sirikit, it also serves as a time to honor all types of mothers who have nurtured and supported us throughout our lives. In Thai culture, the concept of motherhood extends far beyond biological ties. We celebrate the countless women who have selflessly cared for us, taught us valuable life lessons, and provided us with guidance and love.

At Hands, we know that a mother is more than just one person or one role. In our Hands community, we have many maternal figures that look after our kids and play a significant role in their lives as home caregivers and staff, teachers, child sponsors and donors. All these people are so important to the wellbeing of our children. Hence, for Hands, Thai Mother's Day is dedicated to expressing our gratitude, love, and appreciation for the unconditional support, care, and guidance we have received from all of these exceptional women.

On this Mother's Day, we have some special words from Saow, one of the children who grew up in Hands Home Baan Tharn Namchai (BTN) and is now a teacher of the children and a mother herself. Below, Saow shares the experience she had of coming into the Hands home and what that care has meant for her.

"In bad luck always still have good luck always hidden. Orphans from the terrible tsunami event have a better life because of the help and support from your hands; I have promised that I would be a bridge to continue from being a recipient to being a contributor."

From the tsunami wave event is an event that I remember never forget, my life has caused a big change. Tsunami blows the body and the spirit disappears. The house broke down, had only one pole; had to become an orphan, homeless. Later, the father went to have a new family without care. Therefore came into the care of Baan Tharn Namchai Foundation; Which is supported by Hands Across the Water.

What I received was parenting. [When] take[n] good care of, there are many activities that can replace the missing things. Including cultivating the development of a better quality of life, as well and the most important thing that is indispensable is education.

I am a very lucky child who has been given an educational opportunity. Some people want to study, but there is no chance to learn, so it becomes a lot of social problems. I appreciate and thank Hands Across the Water [for the] help and support [in providing] the best opportunity and experience in life.

If not [for the] tsunami, I would probably not have the well-being and standing here. It is very important and valuable for me. I learned the world wide. Have a good opportunity and good experience in traveling abroad have learned culture, living, nationality and language, have the opportunity to learn English with native speakers, which now English is very important in communication. I have the opportunity to develop myself in all aspects. It’s creating value for me.

At present, I have graduated with a bachelor's degree in early childhood education. As well as having self-esteem that received first class honors, my dream is [to be a] Government teacher, I would like to be a school director, I would like to develop children, develop people to have a good quality of life. I will develop myself to help the others, help society like me that receive the chance, which that I would like to be a giver of opportunity to the others.

[These] things [would] not happen at all, if there is no kindness [and] support from Hands Across the Water, thank you.