Meet the Host of Hands' First All Girl Ride

18 Nov 2022

Faizah or Faiz as she likes to be called had her first Hands Across the Water experience when she attended the Business Blue Print Charity Ride for Hands in 2017. She was inspired to join after her dear friend Sonya announced she was participating in the 500km ride experience. 

"I literally googled everything I could find out about Hands and my heart was just bursting with a 100% YES (and I was not a cyclist by any means)! I wasn't sure if I could actually do it, but I put my heart, soul, and body into it because I knew personally what it was like to not have much and be given an opportunity that would change your life and your family's lives forever. I have such a connection to children and felt such a big call to contribute to a cause that would have a positive impact on so many lives."

When asked her favourite Hands memory it's a hard question to answer. "There are honestly so many incredible memories from my first ride in 2017. I would say it was a combination of realizing that anything is possible when your heart is in it and you're willing to do the work... spending time with the kids where the Tsunami happened in 2004 and seeing what Peter and the Hands team were able to achieve individually and together for the kids and the community since then was just incredible... Spending time with the kids and seeing everything you were riding for was incredibly meaningful to me and touched my heart so deeply. Also as a bonus, I got to experience and achieve a personal challenge I once thought was completely ridiculous and was epic! Every single thing about the ride was truly EPIC!"

Faizah's top tip for fundraising is simply to have personal conversations with people about why this is meaningful for you. "Bring everyone on the journey with you as you train for the ride, and while you're there. The more we share, the more we can inspire and take everyone on the ride with us and do good for the kids."

"It's funny how at the end of a 500km cycle in that crazy heat, after the fear, doubt, sweat and tears experienced on the ride (as a beginner cyclist and first-time rider), it's so worth it for the kids. And I would do it again!" And she literally is doing it all again in June 2023 as host of the first Hands Transform and Thrive All Girl Ride.


The inaugural Transform and Thrive All Girl Ride is Hands’ first ride that will be for an all-female community to provide a safe space to connect, engage, and take on a challenge out of their comfort zone. Hosted by Faizah, this inaugural all female ride will be one to remember. I am also excited share that I will be leading this ride with Faizah. Every Hands experience is uniquely empowering, but with this being the first time we have an all-female group on the bikes riding for the kids, I feel that it will be an even more transformative experience for everyone involved. I know I speak for both myself and Faizah when I say, we really can’t wait!

If you would like to learn more about this experience, please head to the Transform and Thrive Ride Experience page and join us for our first All Girl Ride 10 June - 19 June 2023.

I look forwarding to sharing this experience with you,