A New Generation

22 Dec 2021

We have a number of measures at Hands as to what success looks like. It is not the obvious ones that you might expect. The P&L are numbers on a balance sheet that just means a measure of income and outgoings, it doesn’t tell the story of what we do. The number of kids we care for or meals we serve is another measure but certainly not one of success. The ultimate measure of success would be that there is no longer a need and we can close our homes down, but that is not likely anytime soon.

One of our measures are the opportunities that we present for our kids when they decide the time is right for them to leave our home. How have we supported them, how have they been equipped to go forth and pursue their own dreams. When they can lead a life of choice then we have met our measure.

Another measure of success is that we don’t see second generation Hands kids coming to us. We can’t control the circumstances that the kids face that might ultimately see the local police, government officials or hospital staff reach out and request we take another child in, but we can control their time with us. If we are helping shape kids who go onto become strong self sufficient adults in their own right, for own future children that another measure has been met.

Therein lies the beauty of this photo.

Saow is one of three children who came to Baan Tharn Namchai in the immediate aftermath of the Boxing Day tsunami. With her two brothers the three of them would call BTN home and Khun Rotjana their mother. Saow was one of the early students to receive a full scholarship from Hands and would study education at University. She spent many months living and studying in New Zealand with the support of Sue and Andrew Blair. Saow graduated from University and received employment as a teacher within the education sector.

Saow, now a mother of her own beautiful child is an example of all that is good when you invest in people and they make their own way in life. All she needed was that support in the years that mattered most. Saow recently returned to BTN to introduce her own daughter Nicha to Khun Rotjana, the grandmother she never got to meet.

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