100%* of donations goes straight to the kids
and communities we support in Thailand. 

*Read our Casualty of Covid blog for an update on our position. 

You may need the fitness. You may need the challenge. You may be looking for a way to give back.

You may need to take some solace from the world as you know it, create some distance to bring greater clarity.

Whatever it is, this experience will be an upgrade to your life and to the lives of others.

Every year the money raised from our annual Ride to Provide experience provides critical funding to the operations of the seven homes Hands supports across Thailand, housing over 350 kids.

The monies entrusted to Hands are used to bring about change and provide the life saving necessities for the kids in our homes and importantly it supports many families in an outreach program keeping kids out of our homes. We know the best place for kids when all things are equal is in a family. When that doesn’t exist we provide a home for those kids, which really is just one big family.


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Connecting underprivileged and
disadvantaged children with homes,
food, education and future pathways.

By donating or joining one of our experiences, you're saving Thailand's most vulnerable children from dangerous environments and giving a home to those who have no family or known relatives to care for them. With your help, these kids don't have to go hungry, miss out on education, face the challenges of life on their own or be forced into undesirable employment. Donate today or check out our upcoming experiences and become a #HandsHero.

Where Your Donations Go

Basic Needs

Food, clothing, shelter, medical care and protection from harm. 


Safe and loving homes without abuse, neglect or exploitation.


Quality education in a supportive and positive environment.

Future Pathways

Providing career opportunities and showing them what's possible in the world.


Kids in our Care

We have babies through to university students that will live a life of choice thanks to the generous support of our donors. 


Donations to the kids

100% of all donations go directly to the kids and communities.

*Read our Casualty of Covid blog for an update on our position. 


Funds Raised

Since 2005 we have raised $27m ensuring that 100% of all donors funds go directly to the children and communities they support.

Become a monthly giver and change a child's future

Your regular donation can make a huge difference in a child’s life. Watch them grow, be a champion for their future and see the real-world impact of your contribution.

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