Partnership Opportunities


Bespoke Corporate Rides

Our flagship initiative at Hands Across the Water (Hands) is our charity bike rides that we have been running in Thailand since 2009. These rides provide many benefits to the organisation including sales and relationship building with clients, broadened horizons and mindsets, and improved employee health, motivation, and engagement.

Ride to Provide


Our public ride, held in January every year, presents an opportunity for a small group or individuals to participate in a Hands experience without committing to a corporate ride. Whether you are looking to reward one or two star employees or send a small leadership team on an experience that will bring them closer, the annual Ride to Provide could be a great solution.

Social Venture Program

Social Venture Program is a multi-day experiential learning opportunity that is uniquely designed to help individuals and corporate groups explore diversity with compassion and sensitivity, and to develop the ability to create meaningful and lasting change.


Education Initiatives

We believe that the greatest commitment we can make to society is not merely caring for those in need, but building our leaders, creators, thinkers, and designers of tomorrow. You can help us achieve this by sponsoring one of our education initiatives including: the Hands English Program, University Sponsorship Program, Mentor Program, Careers Day and Training for Employment.

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8th, with an annual theme that is announced at the beginning of each year. IWD is a global day honouring the economic, and social achievements of women in the past, present, and future. It is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy, and action. Become a sponsor of Hands’ International Women’s Day Breakfast, and give your organisation direct association, visibility, and engagement with this significant day

Night of Celebration

This thoroughly enjoyable night of live music and stand-up comedy brings together new and familiar faces, the young and old, for an unforgettable black-tie dinner including live and silent auctions plus some fantastic lucky door prizes. This night celebrates the achievements by both the children and the Hands Community that have supported them.

Future of Leadership

As Australia’s premier leadership conference, the Future of Leadership (FOL) is a place to learn from inspiring speakers, big thinkers, and people doing great things in business.

Hold your own Fundraising Event

You don’t need to be involved in a specific Hands event to have some fun and raise funds for children in need. Set up your own fundraising event, either by yourself, with friends, or as a business.


Corporate Gifts

As a part of our sustainability program, Hands operates a sewing room in Thailand, creating branded corporate gifts and merchandise. These products not only look great, but all profits go towards supporting the local communities. Every product contains a Hands tag allowing you to share the Hands story.

Goodwill Wines

Purchase wine from Goodwill Wine where 50% of profits go back to your nominated charity. By selecting Hands when you order, we get your donation, and you get awesome wine. This is a great way to say thank you to your staff or clients and support a good cause in the process.

Hands Community Rewards

Sign up to our Hands Community Rewards program, and share it with your client base to shop, save and give. Once you join the program and register your card, you will automatically save around 5-25% and for every dollar you save, a part of the discount will go back on your card and the nominated percentage of the discount will go to Hands Across the Water. You don't have to show anything. You don't give extra dollars. You just shop with your registered card and could automatically donate hundreds of dollars every year to Hands..

Business for Good - B1G1

You can now support the work we do at Hands Across the Water by registering with B1G1. B1G1 uniquely lets businesses link their regular activities with high impact causes so that they can play an important role in solving global issues. It means that businesses can now create and track their giving impacts in real time while connecting and engaging with their team and customers to make a real difference together.

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving (WPG) is where you give a regular donation from your pre-tax pay, managed through payroll. Provided you offer your employees workplace giving, they can choose their preferred amount they wish to donate. You will then pay the donation directly to Hands Across the Water each pay day.

At Hands, we believe that the best experiences and outcomes are derived from collaboration and shared value. We would love for you to get in touch to discuss your objectives, what value for your business looks like, and see what sort of mutually beneficial partnership we can create together.

Get in touch with our Operations Manager, Amanda Reeves for more information.