Goodwill Wine is about more than just great wine. In 2009, when founder, David Laity, lost most of what he owned in the Black Saturday bushfires. He was able to start again with a $15,000 grant from the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal. Overwhelmed by this kindness, and humbled at how Australians stepped up to help, he used the grant to begin Goodwill Wine as a way to pay forward this incredible generosity and has donated 50% of profits back to charities ever since.

As word spread about the quality of the wines, Goodwill Wine grew, and today they support over 300 charities, including Hands Across the Water.

Goodwill Wine sources quality boutique Australian wines and donates half of the profits to charities and non-profit organisations. By selecting us when you order, we get your donation and you get awesome wine.
In fact, the wines are so good they come with a money-back guarantee. The Age describes them as “seriously good” and Gourmet Traveller Wine says they’re “quality boutique wine”. Which means you can get great wine, while supporting a great cause. Cheers to that!