Future of Leadership 2022

Tue 3rd May - Fri 20th May
8:30 am

This event is now closed

In 2020, the world faced the largest business and societal crisis in the modern world. Millions of leaders struggled to keep teams and businesses afloat, and they will feel the effects for years. 2021 wasn’t too dissimilar with the new normal very quickly deteriorating as Covid variants took their hold. In these last two years, we have seen an incredible shift in the way employers and employees view the workplace, and the uncertainty caused by the pandemic has brought on high levels of stress at work and at home.

We’re hearing the term “The Great Resignation” being thrown as employees start to question their future. Whether they are considering a career change due to burnout or looking to dial down and focus on what matters most to them, there’s a lot that we can do as leaders to support our people and help them unleash their potential and realise their dreams.

Future of Leadership 2022 is about unleashing YOUR potential and empowering YOUR people to achieve their dreams and goals - whatever they might be. Gone are the days of simply navigating uncertainty and pivoting your strategy, now more than ever we need to focus on how we can move forward and UNLEASH.

Dates and Locations

03 May 2022  SYDNEY

05 May 2022  NEWCASTLE

10 May 2022  MELBOURNE

17 May 2022  BRISBANE

19 May 2022  ADELAIDE

03 May 2022  PERTH

03 May 2022  AUCKLAND

Why should you attend?

  • Unleash the potential in you and your team.

  • Identify limiting beliefs and how to push through them.

  • Gain knowledge and inspiration to take action.

  • Expand your circle of influence.

  • Feel refreshed and renewed as you nourish development.

  • Participate in a covid safe team experience for far less cost than other summits.

  • Support a non-profit event where all the funds go towards education of children in Thailand.