You Are Enough: A Personal Challenge for Positive Impact

Make a choice to challenge yourself this year because we all deserve to live a life of choice, not chance.

The kids who come into care with Hands Across the Water do so because of one of three situations. They have no known family to care for them, they have a family member who is known to them but is unable to care for them, or they are living in an unsafe environment and have been placed in our care by the police or government.

We believe that all children deserve the chance to build a future full of possibilities, opportunities, and dreams. Just as important as filling their bellies with healthy food, our role is to help them see the opportunities that lie before them.

It starts with choice. And it can start with your choice today. Join the challenge with Hands Across the Water to give more kids the opportunity to take on their own challenges and the big dreams that they have for their future. 

You are enough. Watch you soar!



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