The Experience

What is the cost of the trek? 

In addition to the tour costs you will need to arrange domestic flights to Melbourne. Your registration will be handled in two parts. 

The Trek Cost $2,095* will be payable to The Tasmanian Walking Company. They will require a $500 booking to confirm your place and the balance is due on 11th October. 
The Hands Trek Add On Pack ($250) will be payable to Hands Across the Water at the time of registration. 
*The retail price for the Walk is $2,595 if you do not meet your $3,000 fundraising target for the experience. 

To participate, it is a requirement to raise AU$3,000.


  • more than 90 days from the scheduled departure date, a fee of $350 per person will be charged with the balance payment refunded to you;
  • between 90 and 60 days prior to departure, you will be charged 50% of the full trip cost with the balance refunded to you; or
  • within 60 days of departure, no refund is available. Bookings are transferable.
  • The Hands component is refundable less any costs incurred at the time of cancellation. 

Are there age restrictions?

The minimum age for guests walking with us is 12 years old.  There are no upper age restrictions, however, for guests walking with us who are 69 or above, we do require a GP to sign off on a letter we provide.

Do we need travel insurance?

We strongly recommend travel insurance. Consideration needs to be given to our cancellation policy, injury, evacuation, delayed flights, illness, etc. We do not refund for such occurrences, therefore travel insurance is your only safeguard.

COVID-19 Peace of Mind Booking Assurance

After the minimum number of bookings has been achieved, the trip is guaranteed to depart.  If for any reason, the trip cannot go ahead due to restrictions placed upon travel due to Covid-19,  guests will be permitted to reschedule their walk to the new date provided for the departure with no additional fee or rebook a traditional Twelve Apostles Lodge Walk within 24 months. Cancellations for other reasons will incur our standard cancellation fees.

What happens during trek days?

Breakfast is typically served from 7am, during which one of our staff will update you on the weather and conditions for the day and recommend what gear you will need. After breakfast a foot dressing/blister service is provided. Pack your lunch and trail snacks, check your water and apply sunscreen. Around 7.45am, we hop on board our vehicle and transfer to your trail head (transfer times vary from 10 – 45 mins). We have found this start timing optimal to complete the larger walk before lunch time and allow us to return and enjoy the lodge earlier.

On the trail our guides moderate the walk pace while uncovering secrets of this coast. Allowing everyone to walk at their own pace, we will walk to the slowest pace and regularly stop to take in all the walk has to offer. Your guides choose the optimum morning tea and lunch stops for the day. At the end of the walk section our van is there to meet you with
a cold face towel or drink. Then it’s back to the lodge (typically between 3 and 4pm) for a mineral infused foot bath, a cold or hot drink, afternoon tea or a flick through a book from our lodge library. Take a rainwater shower before dinner or indulge in a massage.

Dinner rounds out the day from 6.30pm, including a comprehensive walk briefing for the following day’s hike before a restful night’s sleep.

During your stay, simply enjoy the walk, the lodge and the meals. Our investment in a quality commercial kitchen, facilities and great staff means that you can relax while our team takes care of everything seamlessly.

How fit do I need to be?

As long as you regularly exercise, or are capable of walking between 7 - 17 km's each day you should enjoy the experience. The best preparation for a walk is walking! Do some hill training and increase your distances over time. If you have any concerns about fitness please call and speak to one of our staff members.

What style of shoes should we have?

You will need lightweight lace-up boots or walking shoes. Boots/shoes must be worn in to minimise the risk of blisters. Sandshoes, elastic-sided boots, street shoes and similar are not acceptable.

How much weight do we carry?

Your 32-litre day pack should weigh no more than 5kgs. You will carry your lunch, water, a waterproof jacket and any personal items each day.

What accommodation options do we have pre-and post-walk?

For your convenience, you may like to stay at Travelodge Southbank the evening prior to your walk as this is where our shuttle departs from. You are more than welcome to choose alternate accommodation just please ensure you are ready to leave from Southbank Travelodge at 7.45am sharp.

You will be responsible for booking your own accommodation and we will provide recommendations in the lead up to the Trek. A great place to start would be to search within the vicinity of Travelodge Southbank so that you are within walking distance of the pick up on 11th January. 

How about food?

All meals are provided, including scrumptious dinners with fresh produce prepared by your gourmet cooks/guides, evening meals are served with a selection of local wines. We are happy to cater for special dietary requirements, we just need to know in advance. *Please note in the best interest of our guests and staff we promote the responsible service of alcohol.


Is Fundraising Compulsory?

Yes. By fundraising a minimum of $3,000 for your trek experience, you provide 350 children in our care with access to basic necessities, healthcare and education. Importantly, you are providing them with a life of choice. 

PLUS... The Tasmanian Walking Co will discount your walk price by $500 once you have met your fundraising goal. 

What is the best way to start my fundraising?

Getting started can be a bit daunting at first; we always say the first $1,000 is the hardest and then it gets easier. Below are our top 3 tips to get your fundraising dial off zero: 

  1. Your online fundraising page is the most simple and effective way to kick start your fundraising. Update your page with your profile image, a story about why you are fundraising and share directly from your page to kick start those dollars coming in. 
  2. Make a personal donation to your fundraising page. This can help set the tone for your supporters and show your commitment to your experience.  
  3. Download our fundraising guide that includes tips and tricks for planning events, auctions and raffles to help you raise your funds. 

If you need support please reach out to the team at

Where can I find resources to help me share the story with my network or at my fundraising event?

We have a dedicated page with fundraising tips and useful resources to help you in the lead up to your experience with us.

Click here to view the resources page.

How do child sponsorship credits works?

If you are sponsoring one of our kids, 100% of funds paid towards your child sponsorship can be credited to your fundraising total.  If you sign up now and pay the full $1200 for the year then you can have the full amount as a credit. If you signed up for a monthly $100 payment then you would be eligible for the amount paid up till the credit.

Are there any Hands run initiatives that support my fundraising?

Yes. There are currently two ways that you can earn fundraising credits for your trek:

  1. Hands annual raffle. We hold a raffle each year that gives away a major prize valued at approximately $10,000. You can leverage this raffle for your fundraising by sharing your unique link and inviting people to purchase online or selling physical tickets at your workplace or event that you are hosting. Please email to request raffle tickets and a unique link. 
  2. Future of Leadership Tickets. Every year Hands runs a leadership conference called Future of Leadership. If you sell 8 or more tickets to the event, you can earn $50 per ticket towards your fundraising. Sell 8 tickets, that’s $400.

 Where do I deposit any cash that I receive from the raffle? 

Please deposit raffle monies into the account below

Bank: CBA
BSB number: 062-229
Account number:10134642
Account name:HATW Pty Ltd

Email and the completed reconciliation sheet and proof of deposit so that we can allocate this to your fundraising total

For every ticket you sell, 90% will be credited to your fundraising total

Please return all Hands Raffle Tickets (sold and unsold) and other unsold merchandise in original condition at least 3 weeks prior to the draw date to NARTA, Suite 1.1, 19 Harris Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009. Please include your contact details. 

Where do I deposit cash donations?

Any direct deposit donations go into the following account with an email to be sent to Jenny - to cross reference and allocate it against your fundraising.

Bank: HSBC Bank
BSB number: 342-011
Account number: 332129001
Account name: Hands Across the Water Australia

Bank: Westpac
Account number: 03 0539 0407445 00
Account name: Hands Across the Water Australia

How do I qualify for the $500 discount from The Tasmanian Walking Company?

Once you achieve your $3,000 goal, you will qualify for the $500 discount from the cost of your experience. So instead of paying $2,845, you will only have to pay $2,345. You have up until 30 days prior to the departure date to hit your fundraising goal to qualify for the discount.