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Swimming Lessons

Gift swimming lessons for kids like Pim and provide them with confidence and security in their everyday lives.

5 Chickens for our Sustainable Farm

Gift chickens that provide eggs to give our children a food source, an item they can sell at the market, and an education on sustainable farming.

Enough Rice For 80 People

Gift 2 bags of rice to feed 80 staff and children in a week. A simple way to provide basic human rights and necessities to our homes.

Contribution to University Tuition

Gift a child contribution to university tuition, allow them to future their education for a brighter future and provide a life of choice.

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This Festive Season Give the Gift of Choice

Game’s life could have gone one of two ways.

He lost his parents at a young age and lived with his Aunty and her husband. It was a challenging environment and Game was almost withdrawn from school when given an ultimatum. Instead, he was moved into Baan Tharn Namchai at twelve years old, which allowed him to remain at school and live in a safe environment.

Seventeen years later Game is now the director of Baan Tharn Namchai.

If Game had not come to Baan Tharn Namchai and had his schooling been terminated, it is unlikely that Game would have ever been able to recommence his studies and the possibilities for his future would have been limited.

Donate today

It is because of amazing supporters like you that Game was able to continue his studies and begin to realise a future of his own making. Your gift today can help give this opportunity to many other children.

Game is one of many kids that have lived and continue to live in a Hands Across the Water (Hands) home. His story is unique, but the situation that brought him into care is not. There are still many kids like Game whose circumstances are limited until they are welcomed into Hands through the support of people like you.

Your gift will give more kids the opportunity to live a life of choice, not chance. Will you please make a donation today to support the children of Hands Across the Water?

Kids like Pim still need your help

Your gift today will allow the many more kids that need our help to have a life of choice. Choice to be everything they can, and want to be. Kids like Pim who wants to be a doctor when she grows up.

Pim came to BTN with her two older brothers and one younger sister when she was four years old as her family were unable to support them. 

Growing up in one of the Hands homes has given Pim the opportunity to attend school, learn new skills, and embrace her passions, which are painting and singing. 

Like all of our children at BTN, Pim enjoys the luxury of choice and is empowered to discover who she wants to be. 

But your support is what makes this transformation possible. Will you give the gift of choice and support kids like Pim with a donation this Christmas?

Your contribution to Hands means that kids like Pim can have a better future and follow in the footsteps of success stories like Game.

It is the season of giving gifts and joy… And what better gift than one of hope; the choice to choose your life’s path? Your gift today to Hands Across the Water will give our kids the opportunity to see their lives as they choose.


Give the Gift of Choice


Sponsor a Child like Pim 

To spread the Christmas cheer, we encourage you to write a special Christmas message to our kids on the card available for download and send it back to us either by emailing us at team@handsgroup.org.au or sending via post to Hands Across the Water PO Box 3037 Wamberal, NSW, 2260 

We will share these messages with the kids. Thank you for this incredible gift.


Download the card