NEW year - NEW perspective - NEW Challenge

Hands Hero 24 Hour Challenge is about giving you a goal to motivate, to inspire and to test; yourself, your family, and your work colleagues.

At Hands, we talk a lot about choice. Everyone deserves a choice, that's why we made it a central theme of our challenge.

The Hands Hero 24 Hour Challenge is YOUR challenge, at YOUR pace, on YOUR rules. Do what you like, and make it a fundraising event that will change lives. 

The only rule is that your chosen Challenge covers 24 hours during June. 

This is an opportunity to perform individually or as a team to achieve an incredible feat. You can choose to do it all in one hit… or spread your hours over the month:

  • Cycle for 24 hours straight
  • Get your kids to give up the internet for 24 hours
  • Organise a running relay at the local park with a group of people
  • 24 hour tennis challenge - enlist individuals and teams to play through the night
  • 24 hours of yoga - one hour a day for 24 days
  • 24 hours of meditation - one hour a day for 24 days
  • 24 hour trail run/walk
  • 24 hour campout

Use the challenge to eliminate bad habits, create new ones, and importantly raise funds to support our kids.

When you join the Challenge you will be asked to nominate your chosen Challenge. Don't worry if you haven't decided what to do for your Challenge, you can still get yourself registered and set up and let us know later what you're up to. 
We are also creating a Facebook community where you can share your challenge with others. Here you'll find accountability, encouragement, and celebration to get you through. 

I'm up for the Challenge... so what do I need to do?

Simply register via the link below, nominate your Challenge and set up your fundraising page to kickstart your journey.

Registration Fee

Individual Entry - $49 per person
Group Fee - $29 per person for 5 or more people participating in the Challenge. Your registration must be purchased at the same time to receive the group discount. 


Each participant is required to raise $350 - that's just $1 for every child that is in our care. 

If you are registering a team, you can pool your individual fundraising goals to work towards one big goal. Our team can help you set up a team page so that you can work together. Each individual must commit to raising $350 so if you have a team of 10, you will need to raise $3,500.

Don't worry, we will have plenty of resources available to help you achieve your fundraising goals. 

Event Merchandise

We have listened to the feedback and we have created some fantastic event merchandise that you can wear with pride to celebrate your achievement. 

The cut off date to receive apparel delivery in June is 14th May 2021. Any orders after this time will still be processed but we can't guarantee delivery prior to your Challenge date.