"In bad luck always still have good luck always hidden. Orphans from the terrible tsunami event have a better life because of the help and support from your hands; I have promised that I would be a bridge to continue from being a recipient to being a contributor."

From the tsunami wave event is an event that I remember and will never forget, my life has caused a big change. Tsunami blows the body and the spirit disappears. The house broke down, had only one pole; had to become an orphan, homeless. Later, the father went to have a new family without care. Therefore came into the care of Baan Than Namchai Foundation, which is supported by Hands Across the Water.

What I received was parenting and good care - there are many activities that can replace the missing things. Including cultivating the development of a better quality of life as well and the most important thing that is indispensable is education.

I am a very lucky child who has been given an educational opportunity. Some people want to study, but there is no chance to learn, so it becomes a lot of social problems. I feel appreciative and thanks to Hands Across the Water for their help and support to provide the best opportunity and experience in life. If not for the tsunami, I would probably not have the well-being and standing here. It is very important and valuable for me. I learned the world wide. I have had a good opportunity and good experience in traveling abroad. I have learned about culture, living, nationality and language. I have had the opportunity to learn English with native speakers, which now English is very important in communication. I have had the opportunity to develop myself in all aspects. It’s creating value for me.

At present, I have graduated with a bachelor's degree in early childhood education. As well as having self-esteem that received first class honours, my dream is to be a government teacher. I would like to be a school director, I would like to develop children, develop people to have a good quality of life. I will develop myself to help others, help society like I was helped and given a chance. I would now like to be a giver of opportunity to others.

These things would not have happened at all, if there is no kindness and support from Hands Across the Water, thank you.

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