Hello, my name is Nut . I am now twenty-six years old. I feel lucky to be a child from Ban Home Hug. When I was young, I still remember that I wanted to have a chance to go abroad. Then I got that opportunity and support from Hands Across the Water, which was a very good opportunity for a child to have.
I am the older brother of Baan Home Hug and I feel happy every time I think about how Hands across the Water always supported our home. The activities such as cycling I am so happy when I heard the news that my brothers and sisters will have a bicycle experience come to visit, and everyone is happy and helping each other to prepare for the team to best help out and welcome them.

I am grateful that I have been helped by Hands Across the Water which has been the driving force that made me feel that I'm a good role model for the children at home and in terms of education and other aspects that I have today.

I am currently working in the media as a news photographer of Amarin TV Channel 34. I started working in Bangkok for about 8 months after graduating. During the first month of work is a very difficult adaptation. Sometimes I miss my home, I sometimes want to go back home, but I can't do that because the kids there see me as a role model for graduating, having a job, which is what the staff team is expecting from all children. Now my work goes smoothly, I can adapt to the work I do with the social media work, which may not have the time to stop like other work. If I have a holiday, I will go back to my home, Ban Home Hug. I still have another goal if the work I'm doing is perfect. I will share a portion of my salary, send it back to Baan Home Hug to make the most of the  opportunity that I have received.  I will try to make it happen.

Lastly, I would like to thank Hands Across the Water that supported and helped me and the Ban Home Hug children. I promise that even though I am the oldest child who is working outside, I will never forget Hands Across the Water, mother, and all of the home staff who took  care of me to this day.

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