“This is just one part of the opportunity that I received, I still have many opportunities at Hands Across the Water always given, even in my jobs Hands Across the Water to provide help and support to me at all times.”

I am a one child who stays at Baan Than Namchai Foundation, because my family has problems that they can't not to look after me, so I got help from Baan Than Namchai Foundation and received good help from Khun Rotjana (Maeja) and all staff in giving love and warmth always.

After I had been in the Baan Than Namchai Foundation, I had the opportunity to get a better education, which I never thought would be able to study at a high level, but always Khun Rotjana tried to find a chance to give to me. I was given the opportunity from Hands Across the Water to study. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in law, and Hands Across the Water also gave me the opportunity to study in a language school in Australia and New Zealand. When I graduated, Hands Across the Water allowed me to learn to work with Hands Across the Water Thailand at Bangkok.
I have the feeling that Hands Across the Water gives a good experience for all children that Hands Across the Water  supports, in order to give every child good life skills. I can say that Hands Across the Water not only supports the capital, but is also dedicated and sacrifices the time and does the work in order to support us to have food, and most importantly good education and give us all their time.

At present, I have returned to work at Baan Than Namchai Foundation after Khun Rotjana passed away. The reason that I came back to work here is because I have been given a good opportunity. Likewise, thanks to Hands Across the Water, who continues to provide support to children today.

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