I'm in for another year of pain, pleasure, tears and joy, as I take my spot in my 2nd charity bike ride in Thailand. Not just any ride - 500km in 5 days in a Sauna!

Last year we had temperatures of 42-48 degrees - it was extremely hot and that ended up being the big challenge, pushing through physical and mental pain barriers throughout the week. The ride was brutal and it was one of the most rewarding achievements I have completed to date.

This year I am upping the anti.

As we all know the world has changed quite a lot in the last few months, especially since I committed to doing this fundraising ride again, and many homes, people & animals have been lost in these unprecedented fires that are ravishing our beautiful nation. The challenging situation myself and the other riders are in is that we have made a commitment to the ride and these beautiful kids over in Thailand (many that we met last year) and their needs haven't ceased so it's important we follow through with our commitment.

However I have a vision that I would love your help with!

My goal for fundraising this year is to not only raise $5,000 for the beautiful kids in Thailand, but to also raise money for the bushfire relief fund. I am going to run this so for every dollar donated to the kids, I will have it matched dollar for dollar for the bushfire relief fund. Further to this, in addition to my personal expenses for the ride I am going to put up 25% of the dollar for dollar matching for the relief fund. eg when I successfully raise $5,000, I will personally donate $1,250 to the relief fund.

I am in the process of organising individual(s) and organisation(s) to put up the other 75% of the dollar for dollar matching. This will mean we will raise AT LEAST $10,000 in total, $5k for the kids in Thailand and $5k for the bushfire relief fund. If you are interested in helping this side of the fundraising effort - please get in touch with me at [email protected]

Hands Across the Water supports 350+ children living in 7 homes and projects across Thailand. The charity started out addressing the needs of kids who didn't have homes or access to food, clothing and medicine. As the kids have grown and matured, the focus has shifted to education and future employment opportunities. Today, access to new and exciting opportunities for the kids is just as important as a loving home and a belly full of healthy food.

It's worth noting that 100% of all donations to HATW go directly to supporting the kids with not one cent spent on administration or marketing - the charity runs a business arm in order to fund it's own operations. HATW is also registered so all donations in Australia are fully tax deductible.

Thank you for yoru support, I really do appreciate the love and support for these great causes.

Some links that may be of interest:
- Pics from last years ride: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0v2du1lt6qg5wgg/AABEMcgALHm9c509VKp47Gp0a?dl=0
- The video that was made for the ride last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr81xJ4wbPQ
- Interview with Peter Baines (founder of HATW) talking through his story: https://businessblueprint.wistia.com/medias/fuyuedzbea
Michael Hazilias