Once, twice, three times is not enough. We are heading off again in 2020 for our fifth trip to Thailand and riding 500km in 5 days. Want to come? drop me an email [email protected] and join in this amazing shared experience and help the kids.

What, don't think you can do the ride? Don't underestimate yourself and the power of a group of passionate people to get you there. Look at me. I was over 180kgs when I signed up for the first ride and now, half my weight, I'm doing it again, all because I made the decision to say YES. Its just ONE decision!

OK, if you don't want to come and ride, how about supporting the children with a few $$. All donations are 100% tax deductible and 100% go to the kids, education clothing, food, and accommodation. NONE of your donation is used for administration.

So click on the donate button NOW and make a difference.

I am paying 100% of my own travel and accommodation costs and need to raise $5000 in donations so I am eligible to ride. I do this each year because I see the difference it makes in the kids. Come on, join me in making a difference.

Hey, I have an idea for you to get healthe at the same time. Every time you think about having takeaway, sweats, chocolate, resist the temptation and put the $5 you would have spent on the sugar treat and help the kids with a $5 donation. Its a win win and its these simple choices that will make a HUGE difference. Go on I dare you.

Like our Facebook Page and follow the progress https://www.facebook.com/HandsAcrossTheWater2020/

Kelvin Holliday