Kate Ashton Thank you for taking the time to see what this is all about.
I encourage and thank you for your donation to the Hands Across the Water fundraiser. I would love you to come with me on my journey (I know I’m a riding a bike!! Could be some stories) but really it’s to raise money for this cause.

I am often donating to local and Australian charities and through Rotary international to those in need overseas. But this is one that I am actually going to physically see where the money is going first hand.

Sooo.... We know that sometimes life will give you lemons, but remember ... some friends'll bring some tequilla and salt to make life a party again!

I’m joining Steve Carroll and 90 other real estate industry professionals on the Digital Live bike ride in Feb/March 2020, raising money for Hands Across the Water, who support three Thai orphanages.

This charity was started over 15 years ago by Peter and Claire Baines after Peter, a forensic detective at the time, was sent to help identify bodies from the 2004 Tsunami. Concerned about the orphaned children whose parents died in this tragedy, Peter and Claire started a corporate team building charity called Hands Across the Water.

I attended 2 professional training seminars last year where Steve Carroll spoke about the 2019 ride which wasn happening early this year. I though No chance buddy .. nope I won't be involved. SO... I donated to the cause instead.

Some more networking this year and chatting to a few who had done the ride earlier this year helped convince me that I may not die while doing it. After a bit more thinking , violla [email protected]! I am signed up and doing it in 2020. Something bigger than just something for me it was for others.

Thailand is a beautiful country, the landscape, the people and the culture and in between all the huffing and puffing I will get to experience something one of a kind.
Plus, c'mon how can you say no to helping orphaned or less fortunate children.
There are reminders daily that not everyone has the best start in life. It’s the luck of the draw where you are born and in what circumstances you find yourself. So, I want to help Steve, Peter and Claire and the other riders improve the odds for children in the three Thai orphanages that Hands Across the Water are involved in.

– Training every week.
If I can't get out on the road I am in the lounge getting up some km's.
I am aiming to get my bike rides up to 50k in 2.5 hours.
At present, my personal best is 50 km in 3.

– Raising at least $5,000 via my Facebook donations page. You’ll be pleased to know that 100% of your donation will go to the orphanages because Hands Across the Water’s admin costs are covered by a separate corporation. And as a rider and fundraiser, all my expenses are self-funded.

– Completing the 500k bike ride – which is approx. 34 hours of riding, 7 hours a day over five days. Crazy huh?

– Visiting the orphanages and bringing you footage of the children you have helped have a better life.


– By donating $50. You’ll enter the draw for a $27,000 luxury trip for two to Thailand. You’ll receive 7 raffle tickets. That's seven chances to experience the beauty of Thailand yourself.

TICKETS HERE: http://bit.ly/2LRbeGe
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A friend of mine put it into perspective the other day.
They highlighted that they wouldn't flinch at buying an expensive bottle of wine with a nice meal. So, that's how I'd love you to view this. Or maybe its a bottle of tequilla like my analogy at the start!
P.S. I love analogy's – as most of you know!

And as a traveller, I know that it's not always about the destination but the journey to get there.

Help me give these children a life that is full of wonderful journeys, supported by our hands from across the water. Visit my Facebook donations page and start your week with that feel-good factor. Kate Ashton