Hello! I've signed up again for the 3rd time to ride 500km in 5 days for charity in Thailand for Hands Across the Water - that's 100km a day riding in a sauna!

I know you’re thinking she’s stark raving bonkers why would she do this again? The answer is quite simple. It is the most amazing and one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done.

Each ride has had a huge impact, having something bigger than my daily life and being able to dedicate time to helping others fills my soul. For me the ride is liberating, being free from life’s daily expectations and cycling in a beautiful country, where I am able to be present to each moment as it comes. There is a special bond that develops with the other riders as you share and help each other along this unique journey. We laugh a lot, we cry, we sing, we exchange stories and learn about each other and ourselves. There is never a dry eye when you cycle into the orphanage at the end. Our hand is taken by one of the smiling children we have been riding for. These delightful, well-mannered children, have so little and yet are so very happy – it’s a joy and humbling to see. It is a huge honour to be able to be part of such a wonderful team.

HATW was established in 2005 by Peter Baines OAM after experiencing first hand the desperate situation for children who had lost their parents in the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. More than a decade later they now operate in seven different locations across Thailand, supporting children who simply don’t have anyone to care and provide for them. Their aim is to give every child a safe home and a valuable education. They empower the Thai children and staff, while respecting their culture. They don’t operate from a religious stand point or have a political agenda to drive. They also believe and understand that, all things being equal, the best place for children is with their family. But when things aren’t equal or those opportunities don’t exist then they provide solutions.

By investing in their education whilst they are with them and then continuing that support when they leave, HATW are able to make the greatest difference to these children’s lives. Their success is not measured by the number of homes built, dollars raised or even the number of children they care for. Their success is measured by the choices they create for the children when it comes time for them to leave their homes.

To help support the cause, I'm striving to raise $10,000 to help the kids. Another great thing about this charity is that 100% of your money will go to the kids and is not used for administrative costs. I will be paying $2,650 for the bike ride registration + flights + other expenses. Your donation will go straight to where it’s needed – the children.

Hands Across the Water is an Australian and New Zealand Registered Charity and has a TGR status for all donations over $2 which you can claim back on your TAX at EOFY time.

It remains for me to say a big thank you in advance, asking for money for me is the hardest part of this journey. Rest assured your money goes to a worthy cause.
Cheers Niki

Niki Tranfield