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Mervin Smith

I am raising money to support the ongoing work of Hands Across the Water because every child deserves to live a life of choice.
Hands Across the Water supports 350+ children living in 7 homes and projects across Thailand. The charity started out addressing the needs of kids who didn't have homes or access to food, clothing and medicine.

Last year I went on my first bike ride with the intent to raise money to support the wonderful work of Hands Across the water - what I walked away with after this experience was so much more than this.

Having the opportunity to meet the kids that are directly impacted by this charity allowed me to see just how much of an impact the donations had and continue to have on their lives. For many of them - this meant that they could have access to clean water, shelter, food - all necessities that we tend to take for granted. Furthermore, I was also shown that as the kids grew, the focus has shifted to education and future employment opportunities which are just as important as a loving home and a belly full of healthy food.

Returning home and reflecting on my experience, I felt a sense of responsibility to continue to get involved and do what I can to contribute to the great work of Hands which has given so many children a life they would have only dreamed of. Your donation will help provide a high standard of care, a chance at a better education and a future that they never envisioned.
100% of your donation will go straight to the kids and their communities in Thailand with not one cent spent on administration or marketing.

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