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This will be my second ride for Hands Across The Water and I can't wait! My first ride tested me in so many ways, but the rewards outshone the challenges. Riding 500km in tropical heat isn't for everyone, but I'll take the heat if you'll please dig deep!

I trained well enough for my first ride last year, but there was little I could have done to prepare for the mental roller-coaster... it was exhausting and exhilarating, exciting and excruciating, intense and invigorating... and everything in between. And it was all so worth it. 

If I'm totally honest, it's hard to say why I've signed up again, perhaps because I can't really say who will get more out of it - me or the kids you and I will be supporting.

Hands Across the Water started as a charity in response to the Boxing Day Tsunami. Now they support 350+ children living in 7 homes and projects across Thailand. 

The kids who come to live in a Hands home are there because they have no choice, usually for one of three heartbreaking reasons:

  • They have no known family to care for them
  • They have a family member who is known to them, but is unable to care for them
  • They are living in an unsafe environment and have been placed in Hands' care by the police or government

Hands not only provides the life-saving necessities for these kids, they also support many families in an outreach program to help keep kids out of the Hands homes.

Just as important as filling their bellies with healthy food and providing a safe bed to sleep in, with the support of amazing donors like you, the vision of Hands is to help these kids see the opportunities that lie before them, to see a life of choice.

My hope is that you will make the choice to join me in this experience and help me reach my personal fundraising goal. Please make a donation today to support these children and provide them with a better future. 

Together we can truly make a difference - Donate now!

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