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I am raising money to support the ongoing work of Hands Across the Water because every child deserves to live a life of choice!

What an amazing opportunity for you to be part of our journey by donating generously to help over 350 children have better choices for their future. I invite you to follow along the journey as we train ready for April.

This is the third time I have done the ride - it is both exhausting physically as well as mentally. It is not an easy task, and by your support it encourages me to put the extra energy I have to making each turn of the pedal happen. 

We will be having a number of fundraisers along the way and happy to tell you about what and why we are doing. 

This time with the ride in April , yea re fortunate enough to be able to train over the summer months with heat as well as the daylight savings light. This means that riding after work is possible.

There will also be a lot of me trying to learn to love mountains, apparently the south ride , which is what we are doing - is a bit more of a hilly ride. So if you hear someone swearing in English or Thai- it is most likely me! 

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Saturday 26th Nov
amazing how  the days can go so fast, have so many plans to get out on the bike and work gets in the way. The recent mains in the area I have also contributed but now is the time no excuses has to happen. Yesterday we picked up our new bikes and took them for their maiden ride this morning before work. smooth run now and next ride is already planned. Realistically, we only have five months before we write again. So in the next week we need to make it well-known so that any donations over the Christmas period can be added to the tally for the charity. 

announcing our 2023 Ride

Friday 14th Oct

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