When you create a meaningful experience, when you bring about meaningful change you find like-minded people and organisations that want to be a part of that in some way.

But the charity sector in particular is an incredibly crowded place with a seemingly infinite choice for those looking to contribute to the good that is being done. And it’s for this reason that we so deeply appreciate those who make a considered decision to support us at Hands. 

Whatever your level of contribution, it is meaningful and it contributes to the lasting and sustainable change we are bringing about.

Future of Leadership

The Future of Leadership is a ‘for purpose’ event that is an initiative of our social enterprise Hands Group, with all proceeds generated directly funding the operational expenses of Hands Across the Water.

The series provides excellent opportunities for reaching the most motivated and influential decision makers in key industries across the corporate sector. We believe in creating mutually-beneficial and long term relationships by creating custom offerings that add the most value to your organisation. We would love to speak to you about customising a package that suits your organisation.

Corporate Bike Rides

If you want deeper relationships with your current team or clients then you need to engineer shared experiences. Our bike rides in Thailand are a proven model for increasing engagement, loyalty and taking business relationships to another level.

The rides provide many benefits to an organisation including sales and relationship building with clients, broadened horizons and changed mindset, and improved employee health, motivation and engagement.

Our typical model is 500km over 5 days with $5,000 minimum fundraising per person. We can of course tweak the distances and days to suit your business requirements. Our strong recommendation is 5 days to realise the true benefit of the experience.


Organise a morning tea, host a fashion show, or use your next challenge to raise money for Hands. We can help you set up events and fundraising pages to support workplace initiatives and challenges. Some examples include:

  • Ride to Work Day
  • Golf Days
  • Casual Day Fundraisers
  • Office Bake Off

Get in touch with us today to find out how you can create an engaging fundraising calendar in your workplace. Not only will you be giving kids a better chance at life than they might have had, but you can have a bit of fun and challenge yourself at the same time.

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving is where employees give small, regular donations to a charity from their pre-tax pay. By signing up to support Hands via your workplace giving program, you are helping to give our kids a life of choice.

For just $5 per week (pre-tax) you can provide school supplies to 5 students for 12 months or swimming lessons for one child.

Speak to us today if you want to find out more about how your organisation can get involved with Workplace Giving.

See how one organisation is making a difference through their workplace programs. 

Get in Touch Today 

If a partnership with Hands Across the Water looks like it could be the right fit for your organisation then please get in touch by completing our contact form. We would love to chat about creating an offering that meets your business objectives and helps provide our kids with a life of choice. 

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