David Dwyer

Digital Live Ride to Provide 2022

We are raising money to support the ongoing work of Hands Across the Water because every child deserves to live a life of choice!

Hands Across the Water supports 350+ children living in 7 homes and projects across Thailand. The charity started out addressing the needs of kids who didn't have homes or access to food, clothing and medicine. As the kids have grown and matured, the focus has shifted to education and future employment opportunities. Today, access to new and exciting opportunities for the kids is just as important as a loving home and a belly full of healthy food.

Your donation will help provide a high standard of care, a chance at a better education and a future that they never envisioned.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Agents Agency

Great cause Dave. Safe cycling.


Riverfront Real Estate

Glad it’s you, not me, riding 500kms in 5 days! It’s a great cause, and lovely to see you doing it with your son too - what a great way to teach him about being kind to others in the world. You guys rock!


Harrison Dwyer


Karen Terry

Great work Dave. Have fun 😅 Stay safe.



Careful for those "Ladies" with deep voices!


Deb Ray Bell

Excellent job Dave good luck !


Dick & Ames

Good luck guys! Great cause 💙


Little Nippers Childcare


Janie Mcfadzen


Beach Cabins Merimbula

Good one Dave!


Paul Davies

Good luck David and well done mate.


Ralph And Alison Baker

Safe cycling...a great father/son experience as well...ENJOY


Gma And Pop

Enjoy the experience ...look after your father!! Well done Harro xx



Great effort Harry. Good luck to you & dad. Enjoy your time together :)


Matty Dwyer

Plenty of blister cream David, Harro might need it.😁😂🤣


Sue Peterson

Good luck on the ride for such a good cause!


Wayne O’neill

Good luck Dave and Harro Just a tip Harro a haircut will make you ride faster👍


Kirsty & Rusty Byrne

Good luck Dave & Harro. I am sure the young gun son will keep you up to speed Dave. Enjoy the ride 🤩


Jenni & Tim Smith

On your bike, mate!


Naomi White

Wishing you all the best in this great effort


Tierney Stephen

Good on you mate


Tarryn Lucas Fitness

Great work Team Dwyer! ♥️ TLF


North Eden Timber

Great work Dave


Steve Hodgson


Jo Mayet

Happy Training


The Vans5

I’ll give you the $100 Side bet $200 if you smash the old man Good luck from the Vans5


Kristie And Tony Wallace

Good luck massive goal ..



Men in lycra 🥵🥵🥵🥵


Andy O’donnell

Well done David and Harrison and best of luck guys.



Well done David and Harro


David Dwyer


Tim Mackay

You might need a toe rope buddy


O’neill Family

Well done Harro and Studs, good luck and enjoy👍


Peter Madsen


Bec Love

Good luck Dave and Harro! What a great cause you legends


Peter Madsen

Good on you David!


Rod & Mel

That deserves a beer


Paul Bittar

Best wishes on your ambitious charity ride


Marianne And Mick Lawler

Good luck to you both. stay safe. Good to see people who care stay safe.


Tom Tatman


Suzie Mcmanus

Great work Dave 👏



All the best Harry. Enjoy the ride


Ursula Vannini

Happy training,great course. 👍👏


Mary Woodbury

Good luck to you both


Tracy Harrison


Bindy Paul


Sarah Norris

Incredible stuff


Anna Newman



James Sunderland


Melissa Ward

Great cause. Well done Dav, amazing x


Max Geaghan