We measure our success at Hands Across the Water by the choice the children have when it comes time for them to leave.  Our job is not done by providing our kids with the basics of food and shelter.  That is not enough. 

We measure ourselves by the opportunities that lie before each of the children when the time comes for them to leave.  We want them to have a life of choice rather than one of chance. 

The greatest commitment we can make to society is not merely caring for those in need, but building our leaders, creators, thinkers and designers of tomorrow.

47 is the current number of children we have studying from across our seven homes at University today.  They study courses from MicroBiology to Chinese literature, marketing, law, business and film production.

We have a growing number of alumni, and we are proud of all that they have achieved and the pathway that they are creating thanks to the generosity and big hearts of our supporters. Here our graduates share their stories. These stories have been written from the heart and are a great example of how well our students have developed their english language. 

Bachelor's Degree in Law

This is just one part of the opportunity that I received through Hands Across the Water. I still have many opportunities from Hands Across the Water even through employment. They have helped to provide support from when I was little. 

I am one of the children who grew up at Baan Than Namchai Foundation because my family had problems and they couldn't look after me. I got help from Baan Than Namchai Foundation and received good help and support from Khun Rotjana (Maeja) and all the staff in giving love and warmth always.

After I had been in the Baan Than Namchai Foundation, I had the opportunity to get a better education, which I never thought would be able to study at a high level, but always Khun Rotjana supported and encouraged me to study. I graduated with a bachelor's degree in law, and Hands Across the Water also gave me the opportunity to study in a language school in Australia and New Zealand. When I graduated, Hands Across the Water invited me to work with the Thailand foundation in Bangkok and this was a great experience for me. I was employed as the General Manager and supported the Australian staff and all of the homes across Thailand.

I see first hand the work that Hands Across the Water does to give every child good life skills, access to good education and the basic necessities for living. 

At present, I have returned to work at Baan Than Namchai Foundation after Khun Rotjana sadly pass away. The reason that I came back to work here is because I have been given a good opportunity and I want to give back to children like me who deserve a second chance. 


Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education

"In bad luck there will always be good luck hidden. Orphans from the terrible tsunami event have a better life because of the help and support from your hands; I have promised that I would be a bridge to continue from being a recipient to being a contributor."

The Boxing Day Tsunami is an event that I will never forget, it brought about big change in my life. The tsunami blows the body and the spirit disappears. Our house broke down, we had only one pole; I became homeless, I was left without family to care for me. My father went on to start a new family and left me without any care. As a result I came into the care of Baan Than Namchai Foundation which is supported by Hands Across the Water.

What I received was loving staff to take good care of me and there were many activities that started to replace the missing things from my life. Including cultivating the development of a better quality of life as well and the most important thing that is indispensable is education. I am a very lucky child who has been given an educational opportunity. Some people want to study, but there is no chance to learn, so it becomes a lot of social problems in Thailand. I feel grateful to Hands Across the Water for helping to support and provide the best opportunity and experience in life.

If there was no tsunami I would probably not have the well-being and be standing here today. It is very important and valuable for me. I had a good opportunity and good experience in traveling abroad where I learned culture, living, nationality and language. I had the opportunity to learn English with native speakers which now English is very important in communication I have the opportunity to develop myself in all aspects. These opportunities have created value for me.

At present, I have graduated with a bachelor's degree in early childhood education. As well as having self-esteem that received first class honors which my dream is Government teacher, I would like to be a school director. I would like to develop children, develop people to have a good quality of life and I will develop myself to help the others, help society like me that receive the chance, which that I would like to be a giver of opportunity to the others.

The things will not happen at all, if there is no kindness support from Hands Across the Water, thank you.


Bachelor's Degree in Communications

Hello, my name is Mr. Natthawut Phai-uplee. I am now 26 years old. I feel lucky to be a child from Ban Home Hug. When I was young, I still remember that I want to have a chance to go abroad. Then I got that opportunity support from the Hands Across the Water which is a very good opportunity. That makes one child to have the opportunity abroad.

I am the older brother of Baan Home Hug and I feel happy every time that Hands Across the Water supports our home. The activities such as cycling I am so happy when I heard the news that my brothers and sisters will have a bicycle ride come to visit, and everyone is happy and helping each other to prepare for the best team to help out to welcome the riders.

I am grateful that has been helped by the Hands Across the Water until I have the driving force that made me feel that I'm a good role model for the children at home. In terms of education and other aspects until I have today.

I am currently working in the media, which is a news photographer of Amarin TV Channel 34. I started working in Bangkok for about 8 months after graduating. During the first month of work is a very difficult adaptation. Sometimes I missing my home, wanted to go back home but I can't do that because the kids there see me as a role model for graduating, having a job, which is what staff team is expecting all children.

Now my work is much better, I can adapt to the work I do with the social media work, which may not have the time to stop like other work. If I have a holiday, I will go back my home, Ban Home Hug. I still have another goal if the work I'm doing is not perfect. I will share a portion of my salary then sent back to Baan Home Hug to take advantage as I have ever received that opportunity. I will try to make it happen.

Lastly, I would like to thank the Hand Across the Water that supported and helped me and the Ban Home Hug children. I promise that even though I am the oldest child which is working outside, I will never forget the Hand Across the Water and mother, every staffs who takes care of me until I have today.


Bachelor's Degree in English Business

My name is Mook, I have been living in Australia for 3 years. During that time, I studied English and completed the academic IELTS test. The reason I did the exam was to enable to study graphic design and I have just completed diploma of graphic design with TAFE.  Now, I’m working as a graphic designer with Media Merchants. Before I came to Sydney, I was living in Bangkok for 4 years and graduated bachelor degree in English business from university in Bangkok.

A turning point in my life that when I was 11 years old, having lost my mother some years before and my father passed away. A lady in my village introduced me to a caring lady by the name of Khun Rotjana. She put me into boarding school for 3 years. When the Tsunami devastated Thailand, Khun Rotjana moved to one of the worst effected area Khao Lak to help the children that were left with no mother, father or relatives. This is when Hand Across the Water came in to our life. BTNC was build for the children and Khun Rotjana invited me to join her so that she could continue to look after me. That was a turning point in my life. I had a protection of her guidance and the financial support of HATW.

Without HATW, Narta, Media Merchants, Khun Peter and some people in my life, Khun Kay, Khun Jimmy, Khun Rotjana and other people . I wouldn’t be here today, living my life in Sydney and have the best job that was given by Media Merchants. For me, I wasn’t a kid who had a bad story but I’m the one who have been receiving the wonderful opportunity in my life.