Q:  What are the steps to register myself as a fundraiser?

A:  Click here to download the steps


Q:  What are the steps to login to my fundraising page?

A:  Click here to download the steps


Q:  How do I change my profile photo and bio?

A:  Click here to download the steps


Q:  Where can I find material to help me present at my fundraising event?

A:  Click here to view the resources page. This is full of useful resources and fundraising ideas to help you in the lead up to your ride


Q:  When is the cut off to complete my fundraising goal?


  1. 3 months prior to Hands Experience – 50%
  2. 2 months prior to Hands Experience – 75%
  3. 1 month prior to Hands Experience – 90%
  4. 2 weeks post Hands Experience – 100%


Q:  How does child sponsorship rider credit works?

A:  100% of Child Sponsorship can be credited to your fundraising total   - if you sign up now and pay the full $1200 for the year then you can have the full amount as a credit. If you signed up for a monthly $100 payment then you would be eligible for the amount paid up till the credit.




Q:  Can Hands merchandise sales credited to my fundraising total?

A:  35% sales from the merchandise can be added to the fundraising total


Q:  How do I order printed raffle tickets?

A: Send an email to [email protected] to order printed raffle tickets to sell to your events.


Q:  How do I sell online raffle tickets?

A:  You can sell raffle tickets online by sharing your unique raffle link to your network. (email [email protected] to request for your unique raffle link)


Q:  How do I transfer the raffle ticket sales?


1.Please deposit raffle monies into the account below

Bank: CBA
BSB number: 062-229
Account number:10134642
Account name:HATW Pty Ltd

  1. Email [email protected] and [email protected] the completed reconciliation sheet and proof of deposit so that we can allocate this to your fundraising total
  1. For every ticket you sell, 90% will be credited to your fundraising total
  1. Please return all Hands Raffle Tickets (sold and unsold) and other unsold merchandise in original condition at least 3 weeks prior to the draw date to NARTA, Suite 1.1, 19 Harris Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009. Please include your contact details.

Q:  How long will it take to deliver the raffle tickets?

A:  Please allow 3 to 4 days (or longer if you are in NZ or WA)


Q: Where do I deposit cash donations?

A:  Donations - Any direct deposit donations go into the following account with an email to be sent to Jenny - [email protected] to cross reference and allocate it against your fundraising.

Bank: HSBC Bank
BSB number: 342-011
Account number: 332129001
Account name: Hands Across the Water Australia




Q:  When should I expect to receive my Rider Pack? What does it contain?

A:  Riders welcome pack will be sent a few days after you sign up. You will get a training shirt for riding and some resources to get you started


Q:  When should I expect to receive my riding kit?

A:  The riding kit and any additional kits will be distributed the night before we ride out.

Q:  What happens during ride days?

A:  We look to ride off around 7am each morning and usually are off bikes by 3.30pm-4pm which gives you plenty of time to wash your riding kit, wash yourself and rest up. Each stage is about 25kms on average. There will be some shorter stages and a few slightly longer legs but nothing that can’t be achieved together. There will be maps available each day that provide you with a breakdown of the day. Have a read of your travel guide here for further details. 

  • Ride to provide Australia
  • BBP travel guide
  • DGR travel guide
  • Digital Live travel guide
  • Ride to Recover 2021 travel guide


Q:  What is the best way to get to the hotel from the airport?

A:  It is the responsibility of the riders to organise their own airport transfer from Bangkok Airport to Novotel Sukhumvit 20. We suggest you head to the ground floor of the airport and take a metered taxi to the hotel. You will need to head to the taxi ticket line to grab a number. Look out for your taxi bay number and wait for your taxi to arrive at your assigned bay. You will need to pay the toll, which is 75 baht, and it will be expected you will have that in cash for the driver. Cost of the cab ride should be no more than 400 baht. Just a reminder you are not able to use your credit card in taxis. You can get Thai currency from the airport when you arrive; however we recommend you sort out Thai currency before you leave.


Q:  Is the rider registration deposit tax deductible?

A:  No, the rider registration deposit and balance payment fees are not tax deductible as they are a payment for service.


Q:  Do you have large bikes?

A:  Our largest is a 56cm and we can make other adjustments to better fit each bike to each rider


Q:  I already paid the deposit but won’t be able to join the ride - can I still cancel my registration?

A:  We can cancel the registration but there are no refunds on the deposit paid

Q:  Can I get an Itinerary/map on the route?

A:  Your route depends on the ride you are in. Copy of the itinerary and travel guide can be downloaded in the registration page. Please email your ride coordinator [email protected] to request for map.


Q:  Can I bring partners / supporters to follow the team on the bike ride journey?

A:  The ride is fully supported by our tour guides, so there is not a lot of room for extra people to ride along. There is limited accommodation along the way and we don’t want to be rejecting riders in place for supporters.


Q:  Can I bring my own bike seats and pedals?

A:  Yes, riders can bring their own bike seats and pedals


Q:  Can I get HANDS logo/poster that I can use to promote my fundraising?

A:  Posters, logos and other fundraising ideas on can be found in the resources page.


Q:  Is travel insurance compulsory? Do you have recommended travel insurance company?

A:  Travel insurance is compulsory for all Riders. Below are some recommended travel insurance providers. Be sure to check your Health Insurance provider as many o er travel insurance.