On October 22-25, 2020, 12 children from Baan Than Namchai Foundation attended the Photography Training camp conducted and sponsored by DIAKRIT, a long time supporter and dear friend of Hands. The camp was set up to provide the kids from all of the Hands projects, the opportunity to learn how to utlise ipad technology for photography.

DIAKRIT have built the program to open up the world and love of imagery to the students. The idea is to give the right tools and skills to create a passion for imagery and a basic understanding of what makes a good photo. Over the course of the program, students will get basic knowledge of the history of photography and get familiar with contemporary Thai and International photography as well as the different fields where the kids could eventually make a living as a photographer or image editor.


The long term goal for this program is that students who realize they have a passion in imagery will be given the right tools and support to be able to develop their interest and skills further and ultimately possess the skills needed to work in this profession in various areas that interests them the most.

The speakers shared the techniques of IPAD photography through the use of games to help inspire children in the training. They started with simple techniques such as portrait photography moving to group photography during this first lesson. The program was open to all ages and, in addition to teaching, the objective was to identify any children who have a desire to acquire the skills and experience in portrait photography and beyond.

From here, DIAKRIT will be setting up e-learning and additional modules for students who show a real desire and interest to explore their passion. Opportunities like this exist thanks to our generous supporters and friends on the ground in Thailand. We can't wait to see what the future holds for our budding photographers.