Over recent months, the kids have remained at home as the local Phang-Nga Social Development and Human Security requested cooperation to quarantine all children and some staff - with no outside activities occurring - to reduce the risk of Coronavirus infection (Covid-19).

The kids were therefore unable to go to do activities such as gardening or going to the sea. But in May and June 2020, the Phang-Nga Social Development and Human Security allowed the foundation to take the children to go outside and the foundation staff organised various activities for children such as:

Agricultural activities - the staff took the children to the farm, so they could prepare the vegetable plots, feed the ducks and chickens, collect the mushrooms and do some fishing.


Career training activities - for older kids to practice skills in making Thai desserts such as Steamed Rice Dumplings. This is for them to gain more practice and hone their skills in Thai dessert making. These desserts can then be sold as well.


Volunteer activities - the staff took the kids to go and collect rubbish at Bang Sak beach to immerse them in the environment and teach them the importance of protecting the environment. After they collected rubbish the kids were happy to play in the sea which for many months they were unable to do due to being in lock-down.



One of the most exciting activities in June has been the kids participating in the Ride to Provide Virtual Challenge - an 800km cycling challenge for the 30 days of June to raise awareness and funds for Hands. The kids have all worked together as a big team to chip away at the 800km target and take turns on the indoor bikes. They loved connecting with everyone in Australia and New Zealand (in fact across the world!) over Zoom each day!

In addition to cycling, the kids have also run and dance to encourage every rider who've all given their time and valuable funds, in these very difficult and terrible circumstances for them. 



What's ahead for the kids at Baan Tharn Namchai?

Usually school’s are open at the beginning of May every year. However due to the coronavirus situation (Covid-19), the children are in lockdown at home and have to study online, which they have been doing via computers and telephone.

The foundation staff members have been their to support the children's learning, but children would rather go to school because they get to study with their teacher’s and be in their classrooms with their friends. They wish to be at school to also have the opportunity to catch up with and play - just like all kids do! July 1, 2020, is a day the children are looking forward to, as this is the day that schools will reopen and the children will return to study in school.