It's been a busy few months around PAMA House! The kids and staff have been enjoying getting in involved in the community as well as celebrating cultural activities such as Halloween. 

On October 15th the kids headed down to Chao Lao Beach with Staff to do some team building activities. Team building activities are frequently undertaken around the homes with the kids to help promote a sense of trust amongst the unit and promote their communication skills. The kids had an absolute ball!


Between October 17th and 30th the kids had the opportunity to learn how to play musical instruments with Teacher Bee. We have some budding musicians around the home with kids loving their new found guitar playing skills!


The kids and staff really got into the spirit of Halloween this year! As you will see from the pictures, there were some fantastic costumes created by all the kids and they enjoyed a fun Halloween Party. At the end of the party the kids enjoyed doing a musical performance for the rest of the kids and staff. 



On November 3rd some of the children and staff from PAMA House joined in a community charity event raising money and awareness for Stroke. The children participated in a walk, run and bike legs of the race and had a great time! So great to see all the kids out there giving back to the wider community


In the coming weeks the kids are all looking forward to the Annual Christmas Party as well as a Nature Class by Nature Play & Learn club.

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